Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bountiful desert garden

How can I tell that it is fall in Tucson? Our Pomegranate bush is filled with HUGE ripe fruits. I like them- always feel like I am "doing something good for my body" when I eat them. My 10 year old son LOVES them, and can devour an entire Pom in 10 minutes. I think that is why he has such amazing eyelashes...:-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Musical Cure

Once again a post about my health issues.
(but I'm giving you a great song to listen to and watch while I whine) :-)

I am a new-ish chronic pain patient- people who have read my posts have been hearing of my issues for a bit less than 2 years now.

I am working on getting my 4th and 5th opinion- today at the new Neurologist, then in 2 weeks at a Dr who is known as a "fabulous diagnostician."

Everyone says the same thing- I am now a "chronic pain patient"- my pain is due to severe nerve damage due to years of compression from bulging discs and compressed vertebrae. It is Nerve pain- not muscle, (which I have been saying all this time) and that really there isn't much they can do other than burn off the nerve roots every year or so and manage my pain with meds, exercise and good nutrition.

I'm the perfect model of a medical marijuana patient as well- It is a badge I have no shame about- and I am open about my status with anyone who counts. I have to use whatever works- and MM is one of the only things I've found that helps me find some comfort- Without killing my stomach. I never smoke before driving or being with my son or his friends. Responsible is really my middle name.

Yes, I know what kind of pain I have. I know my talking about my pain in the neck can be a real pain in the neck.  I'm sorry, I just can't help complaining- especially when the pain gets this bad. Like today, where I haven't slept a full night in 5 days.

I try to keep it positive by scheduling things that I will look forward to, like concerts!

Last night I at least had a respite from the agony, and went to a fantastic concert by the Shins, one of my favorite "go to" bands. Here is a video of them performing "Know your Onion" at the concert last night. (link is here too:  Shins Concert- "Know your Onion")

A special shout out also to my date for the night, Eric Fest- my BFF's hubby who also happens to be a friend of mine too. Eric is a big alt music fan too and is filling in the gap that is left by my hubby Guido's refusal to come to any concerts with me. In Guido's defense, he has a hearing condition that makes going to concerts with electrified instruments particularly painful.
Hey, I KNOW about pain. I get it- you do what you have to do to relieve yourself of the pain- including leaving concerts. (I know now not to spend the money on a ticket for him- I get it for a friend instead!

So I'll just keep on looking at coming attractions- I know that the Rialto theater in Tucson is scheduling some great concerts- Tegan and Sarah are coming in a few months, as is Sleigh Bells and Aimee Mann. (I think I'll go to T and S)
I promise to not bore you too much about my nerve pain- or, at least when I complain I'll also post a pretty picture or video to balance out the whine :-\

thanks for all of your support!
ciao- Maureen


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