Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa..suggestions from a bunch of smiths

Here it is! the 2009 Metalsmiths Unite official Gifts for the Metalsmith List !!

I was thinking of helping all of our significant others, giving them a sort of master list to look at for Metalsmith Gifts... I asked for input from the Metalsmiths Unite group and blog, and here is the list we generated----please feel free to add your wishes!

   1. world peace/ the end of hunger
   2. really good hand cream
   3. a cool apron for the shop
   4. a bench mounted band saw
   5.  a coupon for 100 solitary hours at my bench

Roberta said...
    1. Rolling Mill
    2. Paragon Kiln
    3. Hydraulic Press
    4. Bigger Studio
    5. Time to use them
DeAnne said...
    1-Bigger Studio
    2- New Torch
    3- lots of metal to play with
    4- a reason to quit my day job so I have more time to play with my presents
Kalicat said...
    1. lots of gemstones
    2. gold, frankincense and myrrh
    3. vouchers at favorite suppliers
    4. time
    5. chocolates, many boxes
    6. storage
    7. master classes

Dana/WiredDesign said...
    OOh - I love DeAnne's #4 -
    "a reason to quit my day job...
    Although - I have lots of reasons, just need some courage to go with them!
JorgensenStudio said...
    1. set of Fretz hammers
    2. rolling mill
    3. new torch
    4. new tables for my booth
    5. a week workshop at arrowmont, pendland or appalachian ceter for craft

juliesanford said...
    1. A stump with a big anvil
    2. A nice bench shear
    3. A New belt sander
    4. Blades and bits that don't dull or break
    5. Heat
Eddie (aka Erkki Kokko)said...
    Dear Santa...
    I got some wishes too...
    1.Metal lathe
    2.A milling machine
    3.Lots of materials to play with...
    4.Time to play with my new tools :)
    5.What else? ...hmmm... oh yeah, world peace!
Maureen BZ said...
    I just thought of another one-
    I was just thinking...
    instead of a gift-
    how about making a donation to an arts organization on someone's behalf?
    (I know I'd love to make a more significant
    donation to Haystack)the arts are suffering from lack of funding as usual- so maybe we could make a list of orgs that need more support from our community...
    hey, I'd be super happy with a membership renewal for SNAG! :-) just saying

Randi said...
    I'm still thinking in terms of a jewelers bra - with a nice little shield to protect my sternum when I tighten my saw. Is that too much ask for?

Eddie (aka Erkki) said...

    To Randi...
    If you take close look of my "interview pic" you can see, that i have reinforced my leather apron's left hand side with a piece of thick rubber.
    It is handy when i tighten my saw!
    No more chest pain! :) :)
    -Erkki- (Eddie) :D
Taueret said...
    Great idea! My santa list has on it:
    1- rolling mill
    2- set of alphabet stamps
    3- set of really good needle files
    4- set of really good hand files

Gwen said...
    Ooooh... my list would include...
    1. Some of that "invisible glove" hand cream that gardeners use... Makes cleaning up after polishing a breeze.
    2. A custom made logo stamp.
    3. A long enough holiday to let my nails grow long enough to paint them (for the first time ever)
    4. Tough enough fingers after the holiday to be able to work again without major finger damage...
    5. Some clothes without acid holes in them.

  Art of the Firebird said...
     1. A big ol' tree stump for pounding things on
    2. Several texturing hammers
    3. A small but sturdy rolling mill
    4. Someone to come in and organize my studio
    5. Time to work in the studio once it's organized

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kikka Las Vegas' holiday wishes

Kikka Las Vegas
Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry
My cat Kikka is a washed up showgirl from Vegas.
She's still pretty, but has put on a few.. well, let's call her extra fluffy...
She spends her days in her fluffy slippers watching stories, eating bonbons and writing to her "penpal" in prison.

She made me take this picture for all her admirers..and she wanted me to write "Kikka hopes that you are having a purrrrfectly lovely holiday"..... what class!

she let me add this:
:-) sending warm sunshine from southern AZ
(where I had to change into a thinner t-shirt today it was so warm)
happy holidays to you and yours-
ciao- Maureen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Annie was transported back to Tucson last night by medical transport-
She was put in a Neuro unit at one of our  Tucson hospitals- They plan on moving her to
the rehabilitation hospital in 2 days, once she has rested from the trip and they are happy with her
stabilization and vitals.
I got to hear her voice on the phone when she called me this morning- she sounded tired, but
was as spunky and humorous as ever. She wanted me to bring Cosmo by to see her tonight, so I drove there after picking him up from school-
Unfortunately there is a ban on children under 13 in all hospitals in AZ until March , due to I called up to the room and had Wizard come down and stay with him while I went to see princess blue eyes.
She had me take this picture of her to show Cosmo that she is on her feet again (incredible, isn't it? she broke her neck in 2 places!) and we think that she resembles a Pokemon...not sure which one, but I'm sure that will be sorted out soon.
It will be many weeks until she is released from the hospital, she has a long recovery ahead of her.
I'm so thankful to all of you for your prayers and wishes-
we can count ourselves lucky to have this bright star still with us
I'll keep posting Annie's progress- and I will send your good wishes her way.

ciao- Maureen

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Gratitude

Last Friday my dear friends Annie and Wizard (Jack Doyle) went on a trip driving to Pennsicola Florida from Tucson, in anticipation of a new grandchild on it's way...They were driving a rental car at night and had gotten as far as Deming NM when the car blewout and rolled. 

This is a pic I took of them during out Thanksgiving celebration this year- just a few weeks ago- (I saw a picture of Annie in the hospital today and it's just too heartbreaking to post)

Luckily, they were both wearing their seatbelts- Wizard escaped with some bumps and scratches,
but little Annie ended up in a much more serious state- with lacerations on her head
and trauma to her neck.

By chance the first person who stopped to help was an EMT and he was able to get
assistance to the crash immediately- He then stayed with them as the ambulence drove up.

to Quote Wizard "Perhaps we got our luckiest with the arrival of the ambulance about 10 minutes after the accident carrying a young Hispanic EMT known only to me by his radio call sign of "Hidalgo 24".  With no knowledge of actual severity of Annie's injuries, he felt increasingly uncomfortable during the 70-mile transport to the hospital in Deming, NM. 

He just did not want to drop her at a "level 3" hospital;  he worked his radio the entire trip and got the life flight helo inbound from Las Cruces to meet us on our arrival and immediately lift Annie to the regional trauma center in El Paso.  Then, he refused to abandon me in the middle of nowhere and somehow found me the only rental car in 2500 square miles (from a "mom & pop" operation) and got me on my way to El Paso.  

The EMT's gut feeling got Annie to the right place for the proper care hours, perhaps a full day ahead of what might have been. 

What a great call sign, "Hidalgo 24" sounds like the Jolly Green who comes and pulls you away from the bad guys behind enemy lines.  He was all that and more on Friday afternoon.  Annie and I will track him down sometime in the near future.  We've been blessed by wonderful care from wonderful professional and caring people."

As I write, she is in El Paso, with a Halo scaffolding holding her head in place, to help stabilize her neck, where she has fractures. She is  in a huge amount of pain, but is putting on a brave face, even trying to crack a joke here and there- I just got a call saying that  the doctors to gave her the OK for medical transport back to Tucson tomorrow, where she will be in the rehabilitation hospital for many weeks of therapy and healing.

Our Annie is the axis of many wonderful friends-
she is the one person besides myself that has been at Both of my weddings and I was able to be present at one (of of hers- the one a few years ago to her devoted and wonderful Jack aka Wizard.
The one thing I will take from this is gratitude - Grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives, and grateful that they will be with us this Christmas.

Hold your loved ones close and let them know how much they mean to you-
because life does those dances that are sometimes terribly unexpected.
Wishing you all
Peace + Health- Maureen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Interviews up at Metalsmiths Unite! blog

Just a note to let you know that I am now publishing short interviews of metalsmiths of all shapes sizes and skills on the Metalsmiths Unite! Blog...

So far I've posted my interview, one from my Finnish Metalsmith friend Erkki Kokko, fellow metalsmithing mamma Julie Sanford, the fabulous Harriete Estel Berman, AZ goldsmith, teacher and friend Michael David Sturlin , and the latest interview with British master goldsmith James Miller-

lots of talent there! and more to come....
so drop by, have a good read and enjoy the incredible artwork! Metalsmiths Unite!
ciao- MBZ

Monday, December 7, 2009

I want my studio time!!

Last week I spent most of my work hours updating my image files and posting new pieces on my etsy and artfire shops. It's amazing how long it takes to write good descriptions!

I'm also trying to lighten up some of my images...I have a tendency to go dark on my photos...or too now I'm experimenting once again with backgrounds and diffusion methods.
I've been up for critique from my etsy metals peers this week, and I've had
a few good suggestions on how to get the most from my shop-
One thing I am going to look forward to is the gradient papers I am ordering for backgrounds of my work. They are great backgrounds that give metals a nice atmosphere to sit on and I'm hoping that adding them as my background will bring a more polished look to my shop.
well, that's my update du Jour-
I'm heading to the studio as soon as I get the workers out of my house (they are working on the hearing this morning...believe it or not, we actually do use heat here in AZ in the winter..a couple of days, that is!)
OK, ciao for now- M

Thursday, December 3, 2009

seriously busy

Yes, I'm seriously busy these days...
holidays, kids stuff, events and general hubbub
too busy to really sit and express my thoughts in print..
I will be writing something brilliant and interesting soon.... <:-)

in the meantime, I thought I'd share this cool image I took the other day
of some flower petals wrapped in plastic-
(it was from a shipment I was sending to a friend in a colder part of the US...
I thought I'd send her a taste of the warm AZ winters)

If I didn't love metals so much I would be seriously pursuing photography...
now it's just super fun!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art at the Ranch-

Hi there! I will be showing my work this Saturday at This event in Amado Arizona- (just 30 miles drive south of Tucson, near Mt Hopkins and the historical artist community of Tubac AZ)
I was invited to participate by the organizers,
who used to run a craft gallery in Tubac AZ , where I used to show my work- Before I moved to Italy and had to change around my galleries...but that's another story

This will be my first outdoor event with my new canopy and tables- I am going to be
"bare bones" this time- just a couple tables on risers with tablecloths and jewelry displays-

I have visions of what I want my booth to eventually look like, but now I will be happy
just being able to set up and enjoy the day-
with a no frills booth, and a plethera of beautiful jewelry to sell!
I will take pics of each incarnation of my booth as it develops- I hope to have a really good developed design- fully outfitted by the end of the summer-
(so I can have great images to use for show submissions next year)

I hope to see you in Amado this weekend- In any case, if you cannot make it to this event please

mark your calenders for Dec 13th-from 1-6pm,  when I will be hosting a holiday sale at my lovely Tucson garden studio (aka Cosmo's Moon World Headquarters!) I'll be updating this blog about that event in the near future- so keep tuned!

Have a great Thanksgiving - (and to my international friends- have a great weekend!)
ciao- Maureen

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts for the Metalsmith

Gifts for the Metalsmith

As holidays are coming up, I have been thinking about gifts.

Every year my husband struggles to figure out what he wants to get me for a gift-
he is baffled, as I really do not need anything traditionally girly..
and he knows what kind of reaction he would get if
he hung up his brain and went to Kay Jewelers
to get me a (yikes) heart solitaire locket
or some other commercial crapola..

Metalsmiths have lots of hammers, so you can guess what the
outcome would be...something would get ...forged. :-)

So I was thinking of helping all of our significant others, giving them a sort of master list to look at for Metalsmith Gifts... and I'd love to have your input! I'll gather a list of our wishes, and post them on this blog later in December- (and I'll announce it on the Metalsmiths Unite! facebook page)
Both practical things like tools / books and ideological things like world peace are welcome on this list

I'll give it a start-
  1. world peace/ the end of hunger
  2. really good hand cream
  3. a cool apron for the shop
  4. a bench mounted band saw
  5. a coupon for 100 solitary hours at my bench

I could go on and on...but I'll let You have your turn- to add to the wish list simply leave a comment on this blog, or if you want to do it privately you can message me on Facebook and I'll cut and paste it (anonymously) to the master list.
I will publish the list in December- and will announce it on Facebook -
Have fun with this,( I look forward to seeing the end result.)
happy 'smithing everyone!
ciao- Maureen BZ

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Open Studio Time Again!

This weekend I will be participating in the Tucson open studios Fall tour.
It's my second time doing it- I had declined participating up until now,
because my studio
is not located downtown with the cluster of other artists-
instead I am in a residential neighborhood
tucked away in my vegetable garden..
just me and the garden gnomes..

I decided to start being on the tour last year, when I was layed off from my day job-
it was a decision to accept all offers, try new things and just see where it would lead me. I had nothing to lose, and it proved to be a really enjoyable weekend.

Cosmo's Moon studio is located at 2609 E Mabel st- the little studio in the backyard garden-

I guess the big issue for me has always been setting deadlines, or knowing about deadlines especially for shows and publications...for some reason those have always eluded me. My first task this year, after I clear my schedule of my day job, is to create a calender of events and deadlines for 2010.
The satisfaction I get from meeting a deadline and completing a task is so rewarding, and I look forward to finding new mountains to climb.
wait....does that mean I have to learn how to yodel???
:-) ciao-M

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Metalsmiths Unite! blog

 This post is copied from my new blog, one that I just set up for my Facebook group that I founded a year and a half ago, "metalsmiths Unite!"(Click here to see the New Metalsmiths Unite! Blog!)

Phase 2...the BLOG

Hello my Metalsmithing friends!

I had an a-ha moment today as I was driving to work...I thought, "well, why don't I just start a blog for metalsmiths Unite!? " and then I immediately thought, "Why haven't I thought of this sooner?!!"

So here we go, into what I will now consider phase 2 of metalsmiths Unite- (not like any of this has been planned..) what I would like to do with this blog is have it here for
  1. interviews of Metalsmiths Unite! members
  2. MU member's reviews of books/shows/events about metalsmithing
  3. plus links to each others blogs.
this project will certainly take some time to develop , but I think it is a good solution to dealing with the limitations of Facebook, therefore giving MU members a more developed and flexible forum to elaborate on discussions and introduce their work to the community.

within the next weeks I will be developing a blog post schedule- and will be introducing myself (who you already know) and the other support people that have helped me during the year and a half of Metalsmiths Unite's growth.

I'm really excited about the possibilities for this blog- and hope you are too-
please excuse the mess while I'm doing construction....I'll be careful not to make too much noise
Happy 'Smithing!

Friday, November 6, 2009

lovely ladies

lovely ladies
Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry

I love these new pewter pendants with images of the Venus of Willendorf-
I remember her as one of the first sculptures that we touched upon in Art History 101 waaaay back when I was in my first year or art school.
I love her because she is a real representation of motherhood, of female beauty and power. A venus from another time, when you couldn't photoshop any images, as they were on cave walls, and the skinnier the figure the less healthy or desirable it was.
Now I'm not here to celebrate obesity- we all know that carrying extra weight can be deadly. What I am saying is that I think women need a touchstone to remind us of our power, a talisman of femininity that is untouched by modern cosmetic ideals.
Unlike Botticelli's venus with it's incredible effusive beauty- the Venus of Willendorf's power is echoed in the howls of labor, the tenderness of friendship and the carnal pleasures of the flesh. You go girl!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flying Solo- quitting my Day job

let’s see, what have I been up to lately?
Things are going well here- I have started to upgrade my studio (and drain my bank account) so that I can teach small workshops there (3-4 students). More info about workshops and teaching will be posted soon- I plan on moving into this new realm starting next year...

I am also getting prepared for an open studio event, an art show, and a holiday sale: all being held between now and Dec 15th.

In my studio I've been playing with fabricating and casting pewter- Also... I'm working on a collection of new bracelets and pendants in sterling and mixed metals-

And at home I have been getting our gardens ready for the arrival of winter and the onslaught of winter visitors....

also also also!

With all of this on my plate, and with the prospects of many other opportunities and responsibilities I decided that I had to make a decision on how I was spending my time- and my conclusion was that I needed to have more focus on my own business during the weekdays, so that I could keep my weekends free to be with my

Last week I gave notice to my goldsmithing job at Krikawa Jewelry Design- I am working there until Christmas break- after which I will be there only as an emergency goldsmith (if they get backed up on their orders).

It was a difficult decision to quit, because I really love the work environment there and the people as well- However, I found that I was not able to focus on the opportunities that have been coming my way....I simply needed to clear my desk and work on my own projects. Thankfully the owner of the design company that I worked for is a friend of mine and completely understands my need to go solo.:-)

I’m looking at this time as a period of accepting challenges- I know there will be times when I need to take a bigger jump, and times when I will feel defeated or victorious-
I believe this is a turning point for me- I feel the support from my family and my friends and contacts in the “real” world and online and I’m ready to let go of the edge!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

logo a go go

bzap logo circle
Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry
My maker's mark - or Logo....Mark this one up as another thing that I've put off and delayed and never could decide....For the past 10 years I have gone without, making my mark on my pieces with a hand engraver, which works ok but is not the level of craftsmanship I want for my work.

I had a stamp for my metal work made years was from my years with my original last name- and fine for that period of my life....but ... (yawn...) boring design, and wrong initials as of Dec. 1995 (when Guido and I got hitched)

with a last name like Brusa Zappellini you can really Design something!
But what???I decided that I would work with my abbreviated signature. "BZap" and make it similar to how I initial my work currently...

BUT...can I be certain that I am going to like it / use it for the foreseeable future?what if I get sick of it? would it look like I want it? do I have an extra chunk of money to get this made? Questions...uncertainty...and the monster- INDECISION!

ahhhh indecision! be gone!

yeah, that's right indecision...I've got weapons against you now! HA! First I pull out my EtsyMetals team...a gaggle of talent and design wizards they are...and I ask opinions on my two designs from them.....
(the votes are coming in - but I won't divulge the preference just yet, as to not sway the vote)

Then, I get my twitter tool going and post a couple of links to these images I posted on flickr...(still waiting to get response...sometimes it's like that..)

and of course, I am a Facebook addict, so I post these to my profile.
But I wasn't done yet! here's my chance to glean a bit of blog power too!

Yes, I'm asking for opinions here as well- sorry to make you work and read, but I'll make it simple- you can comment simply by saying circle or letters...and that would give me your vote-
And with this, we can work together to beat back indecision, and celebrate professional progress!

once more into the blog good friends! tally ho~ M

Saturday, October 24, 2009

atmospheric perspective

There's just something about this image that makes me want to fly...
I am reviewing my pics that I have been taking this past month and I am struck by the beauty that is southern Arizona this time of year.

Down here in Tucson we are in such good moods these days- the heat has finally broken and we are once again emerging from our air conditioned and swamp cooled houses...picking up rakes, taking bike rides, going to the park, and just enjoying being comfortable without artificial cooling.

Now we can enjoy 5-6 months of incredible weather- having paid our dues all summer long with brutal heat and violent storms.

I have lived on New Hampshire and Boston (and still consider myself a New Englander) and I can sympathize with those of you who are staring 6 months of cold grey winter in the bearded I'll be kind and not rub it in too much....but I'll take AZ summers over NH winters anyday!

I'll keep posting pics of my Desert world for you- stay warm, keep reading, and start socking away money for that escape to warmer climes in February (if you plan on coming to Tucson I'd book your hotel and trip now....the gem show usually takes up most of the town-)

ciao for now- Maureen BZ
aka Cosmo's Moon

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Metals Mania

Sometimes I like to think about why I use certain materials, and try to explain my reasons- here is a short explanation of the diverse metals that I use, and why I use them. Basically, an explanation of the madness behind the metals....

A little information about the metals I use (and why I use them):

You may know by now that I mostly make work in Sterling Silver, (sometimes Gold)
But I also like to play with "alternative metals" like White Bronze, Mokume Gane, Aluminum Copper, Brass and Pewter.strap bracelet 2008
Mostly Sterling Silver, with a touch of 18k yellow gold

Each metal has their own specific properties that lend themselves to designing and making diverse types of work:

Sterling Silver is the metal that I use the most- A good white colored metal, it has a springy medium hardness, and when annealed is very malleable when forged or moved by chisel. Silver is the metal that I was trained in and it continues today to be my preferred material.Though it's price has increased dramatically in the past two years it continues to be relatively affordable and desired as a jewelry material.

Gold- when I do use gold I love the depth of color in 18k yellow gold.and conversely, I love the mellow suede color of 14 k palladium white gold . Because of it's expense I work with gold rarely these days except for special orders- I use it in really special pieces like wedding bands or some other piece that commemorates an occasion (charms, pendants or even special gold components for my popular strap bracelets.)

a detail shot of mokume Gane

Mokume Gane- is a Japanese technique that produces a beautiful patterned surface made of layered metals- I like to use this in really simple pieces, where the drama of the pattern becomes the focal point. One of my more popular custom items is Mokume Gane ear plugs- they really highlight the drama of the patterning, and it is a unique and exciting type of metal for these more edgy pieces.

Aluminum- I use because it is light and responds well to pressure patterning techniques (like roller printing, stamping)It works really well as a lightweight material for big bold earrings.

Pewter urn with spiral top 2009

Pewter- terrific for building large containers and urns, fast to work with due to it's low melting point (470* f)really well suited for small production casting

White bronze- great for casting, a strong attractive metal with great durability- it can be a good color alternative metal to silver, when you are more concerned with the color than metal's intrinsic value.

Brass- yellow brass has such a great color- when I need a yellow (and don't want the expense of gold) I reach for yellow brass.

Copper- with it's softness and color Copper is lovely to use in mixed metals. Also- copper is a great base for enamels- the torch fired enamels are especially deep and rich when on copper. copper also patinaes easily, and is really gorgeous when oxidized by natural elements.

OK- I hope this gives you some understanding of the madness behind my methods-
I look forward to this week of studio work- I am starting a new collection of strap bracelets- in which you can count on many diverse types of metals, techniques, shapes, textures and patterns!

Have a great week everyone (and please spread the word about Cosmo's Moon!)

I truly appreciate your support- thank you!
:-) Maureen

Saturday, October 17, 2009

scam a lam a ding dong

so- it was a dark and stormy, not really, it actually was yesterday

what has happened is that we discovered that we have a leak under our house and
I called a plumber (from a big company). we live midtown and have an old home
with old pipes- we know that-

the plumber tells us that we need a complete re-pipe- which we have been
anticipating- and then he proceeds to tell us that they are now connected with a
restoration company that they would call for a free estimate- ok- we said, sure-
we need to make sure our home is not riddled with mold-

so they called the restoration co- (who showed up within 15 minutes!) and then
the restoration guy starts telling us that that we absolutely should not call
our insurance company until they got rid of any mold that may be there (like
they are going to doctor the site so that the insurance pays more or something
like that)-

At this point my husband and I are completely freaked- they have
dropped comments about spores possibly damaging our son's health...) And my
husband (sigh) signs their agreement saying that they can start working on
drying out the crawl space tomorrow....

they leave, then are back within 5 minutes with another crew of guys who come in
with this huge de-humidifier, stick it in our kitchen, and tell us they will be
back tomorrow at 8 am.

ok- so Guido and I are left thinking, HUH? this doesn't seem sounds
like they are wanting us to lie to our insurance - isn't that FRAUD??? so, what
happens if we did (which we won't- we are really not that kind of people) what
happens is that the insurance adjuster comes out, sees that things have been
done- refuses the claim , then cancels our policy for fraud-
(and we go to jail for comitting fraud)

Yeah, NOT going to
happen. no way.

the restoration company is coming to our home this morning at 8 am and we
are going to tell them that we don't want their services- My fear is that they
will wave their contract and claim that we cannot get out of the agreement
without some major $ being put out-

But they don't know that I am blogger girl- and ready to open a can of
bloggers whup ass on them if things get ugly.
yup, I tweet, I blog, so don't mess with me!
excuse me , now I have to go and put on my blog girl superhero costume...

1 hour later...and we have dispatched the scum successfully ( or so it seems)
I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to do something else-
I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Annual Telescope Trek

Last Saturday we went to visit the telescope that my husband works on- it is located in Safford Arizona, on the top of Mt. Graham.

The Large Binocular telescope (or LBT as it is commonly known) is just beginning to gain acclaim in the astronomy world and beyond, It was one of the featured telescopes in a recent National Geographic magazine (click here). Guido has been working on this project on and off since 1990- both for the Italian team in Florence Italy (where he grew up and went to university) and also at the University of Arizona (Tucson) where we live today.

The Annual friends and family gathering is usually held in October- just after the scorching southern Arizona oven is turned down for the fall. The drive there from Tucson is a couple of hours of desert, followed by an hour and a half of mountain road. Our son Cosmo is learning how to deal with car sickness on that, thankfully, he knows to request a short stop - so we pull over and get out of the car until his tummy stops swirling and we get a good breath of mountain air.

We reach the summit through an iron gate flanked by yellowing fall aspens- and from there it's a short drive, past the Vatican telescope, and the German SMT (Sub Millimetric Telescope) to the tippy top, where the imposing 200ft tall LBT telescope is seated.

Inside the building we go to the control room and kitchen, where everyone (and their goodies) are gathering- We then commence to pig out on all the treats that the scope folks bring. The control room is open for viewing, with a scientist there to explain each computer screen and image- Soon people start to go up to the scope chamber-
right at sunset the show begins!
We have a chance to walk around, go to different levels (even on the top observation deck, where I took this picture) then, once we all are
inside and ready for a show, they begin...

The walls of the telescope chamber begin to open........
then...the telescope begins to move....It is breathtaking, even now after I have seen this many times, how smooth and fast the scope rotates! Well, at that point everyone is really impressed, but it's not done yet....the third and fourth walls open (along with the cieling of the chamber) and then.....the building begins to rotate!

It goes around and around, with the scope moving, and the sunset brilliant in the distance...and we see Science and Nature, Technology and Trees...the beauty of nature from the earth and heavens.
and it is a wonder to behold.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

aluminum, the other other white metal

I love using Aluminum for earrings-

one of the big dilemmas we metalsmiths have when designing earrings is weight- How heavy to make an earring? Generally we want an earring to weigh no more than 7 - 9 grams, 9 being too heavy for most day wear, best kept to short "special occasion dress up" events.

Nobody wants to feel their lobes dragged down by heavy earrings (even if they are stunning) in fact- the only time I want to notice my earrings is when I get complimented on how cool they are!
Daytime? I prefer earrings that are pretty lightweight- under 6 grams is what I shoot for when designing my pieces...

(and then we get into the question of what metals....the heavier the metals are the engineering of their weigh becomes much more important..) you want to go BIG? better pick a light material!

The choice of aluminum in big bold earrings works not only because of the relative lightness of the metal- but also because it is really easy to add deep texture and the light color of the clean metal is a good base color for paint-
Aluminum- the other other... other white metal
with it's kissing cousins..
silver, pewter, white gold, platinum, nickel, palladium...........and so on..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Canopy Epiphany

Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry
Insight- focused by insult....
that's what I would call this latest charge into the unknown....

So, here's the story...I've been a permanent artist at a well known gallery in Arizona for the past 8 years- It has always been an up and down (mostly down) relationship- I've never really felt quite at home there...

But, I stayed with it, because during those years I also
had my son, and my life and work went through some differing stages...the gallery was something I could count on...the ability to say, " I show at________" and have people understand instantly that I wasn't just fooling around, stringing macaroni on yarn...

And yet, there was that something missing, the thing that nagged me constantly- I guess you could call it independence or control or...(gasp!) sales......

On top of that I never had feedback from the gallery (and yes, I would inquire) - had no idea who was interested in my work, and have no idea why pieces sold or didn't sell...
So, fundamentally I felt like there was a major disconnect in our gallery/artist relationship.

But, I continued showing there, thinking, "well, it's got a good reputation, I have friends who show here, I can count on a few sales a month"....

but here also lies a problem- Though I was consigning the work, they insisted on an exclusive throughout southern AZ! Effectively tying my local success to a lead weight and throwing it off the boat. Countless opportunities would pop up and I would have to refuse because I had a contract with _______. And honestly, until a few years ago that worked out fine- I was spending my time, raising my kid- not much time to stock multiple venues...

WHEW! that was a very long winded and verbose way of coming to my point....

WHY??WHY??WHY?? stay in this relationship? well, I thought...and I pondered...and..

snap! that last straw broke this camel's the form of a backhanded insult from the new gallery owner. (she asked me in front of other artists how expensive my materials were...implying that my work was way overpriced, based SOLELY on Materials! ..oh boy, that's
another blog post all together!*will rant about this later when I can do so without really sounding bitchy*)

Now it is clear that what is holding me back is myself- not taking charge and bringing my work to the public- relying on a broken and ineffective system to distribute my work....and the only thing that is holding me there is a (breakable) contract and(here's a biggie) the lack of a booth shot for juried retail shows..

well, knock me over with a brick- that is a FIXABLE problem- no blood drawn, and some new adventure in the wings...

that insult from the gallery has focused my resolve- and today I took a drive, spent a little money, and bought myself a brand new commercial grade Canopy....there are shows in the horizon, a ton of designs and ideas to be brought into reality , and (once I break up with that gallery) nothing holding me back!

as they say out here in the west...yeee haw!
:-) ciao- Maureen

psst- stay tuned, I'll be bringing you tales of trials and tribulations in booth design...and (eek!) my dip into the world of craft shows

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alternative Materials

You know, with metals prices being what they are I have been experimenting with alternative materials- for one, they keep my prices affordable - (I don't believe that only wealthy people should have access to handmade craft) and also, I get to freely explore ideas without getting too hung up on the price of materials.

One of the things I started trying last spring was aluminum. I've been having a lot of fun with these pieces- roller printing (it's really squishy!) and stamping is incredibly satisfying- the tools act as if they were on steroids! then- blaspheme! I paint them.

oooh, I know, next thing you know I'll be stripped of my credentials as a professional metalsmith!
well, it's been fun while it lasted! :-) don't think I'm going to stop now!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

strap bracelet secrets

I love making these pieces- they are a collection of diverse components made with differing techniques- I work on them in a peculiar way...

first of all, the shapes are almost always soft organic forms- the idea came from looking at stone walls and how they are constructed...

then I play with different techniques...roller printing, chasing, repousse, filigree, cloisonne, wax carving, inlay, mokume, hollow construction, etching, wire work...I tell people that I "binge on techniques" I play with them until I've scratched the itch of curiosity in my mind.

After I have completed and am satisfied with the quantity of components I sit down and compose a line of approximately 10-12 components, thinking about the way they will wrap around the wrist.

I have made a belt buckle by carving it in hard wax and then taking a mold of it so that I can produce it when I need it- I have a casting company make my buckles for me- but they are my own design, the original made by my hands, and cast exclusively by my order for my work only.

The buckle is set on the leather strap by a tube rivet (my design also)
and the components are then "strung" on the bracelet and locked in place.

By using this process of sampling techniques and composing after the pieces are complete I keep my work fresh and interesting- and, more important- UNIQUE! each bracelet therefore is one of a kind - I could make them all the same, but what's the fun in that?!!

I'm hoping to find some time this month to put together a few more bracelets- they do take a long time to complete, so this may be a challenge! Currently this piece is the only bracelet I have in stock- I will be happy to take special orders, and holiday requests. (send your honey this link so they can get a gift giving hint)

OK- I'm off to the studio- metals await! Have a great week- stay tuned, and please send me comments! (I love to read your responses!)
ciao!- Maureen BZ

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dream squashers

Right now Tucson AZ is floating a proposition that would eliminate most of our Parks in Rec department in order to conform to a mandate to increase the numbers of new hires at the police department....

(Here is an explanation of the proposed initiative from Blog for Arizona)

Here is why I am strongly against that mandate-
I don't believe that more police = more security. I have nothing against our law enforcement- I believe that they are necessary to the safety of the people and perform duties that I appreciate and acknowledge as essential to the tranquility of our city life.

I don't think that enforcing laws is the only solution to public security and development-
I believe strongly that Personal Self Worth is our first quality that needs support and care for the development of a peaceful and strong community. And developing this personal Self Worth is an essential part of our community's positive future.

Tucson Underpass and Basket Bridge
(made possible by creative thinking....)

We need to keep the doors to the arts and sport open to all of our community- we need to give a CHANCE to the kids who yearn for something MORE in life...a road that could lead to their dream of being who they dream to be.

Once we shut the door on programs that create possibility we essentially shut out thousands of dreams that will never get a chance to flourish. We shut out possibility for people who are searching for something more out of life than eating sleeping and watching TV....We pull the plug on hope. and I KNOW that is NOT what I voted for!

the classes that are held at Tucson P+R are highly successful-They are filled with people from 6 months to 100 years old- from all walks of life with all sorts of stories. There is no entrance requirement, no grades or expectations, the classes are simply there to offer enrichment to the lives of it's students.

They are also a great entrance to teaching experience- young college students often get valuable training for teaching by assisting in Parks and Rec classes.

Many people start a hobby there that soon turns into a lifelong passion- enriching their lives and creating a much needed oasis of creative thought that most of our lives are lacking.

Many parents bring their children to Parks and Rec classes as an affordable way to introduce the arts and sport to their kid's lives. It is a great way to let your children "sample" new possibilities and meet new friends.

It would be a huge loss to the city if these classes were discontinued due to city mismanagement of money! Can we really live in a city with no regard for the creative spirit? Do we accept the fact that without these programs many children would not have access to quality affordable arts enrichment or introduction to sport?

hell no!
what do we do?
get out the word....
VOTE NO on Prop 200.

thank you- rant over :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

relic of the future1

sometimes you stumble upon something that just seems right.........
in my continuing research into pewter techniques I have created my new line, "Relics of the Future!"
these are cast fragments of larger designs; they echo the experimentation of my work and also remind me to work freely.
the piece in this photo here has now been sold to a gallery- I will be listing new fragments soon on my etsy shop- so stay tuned!
Have a great week everyone- I'm so happy that it is the last day of summer! that means in a month or so it will cool down to below 90 here in southern AZ!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

pewter memory boxes

My newest project is creating hand fabricated pewter memory boxes. They are intended as urns or memorial pieces for beloved pets who have crossed "the rainbow bridge".

This particular box I created for the "Dia de los Muertos" show at Obsidian gallery, Tucson AZ. It is a bed-like structure with a headboard that resembles the arch of the virgin of Guadalupe (which is so prevalent here in the southwest) there is a lotus flower as a candle holder (candle representing eternal flame/soul) and the top section comes off, revealing a small compartment below, to store a small amount of ashes/photos/id tags/kibble/notes and wishes for the departed animal companion.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

health care debate

ok- so here I go throwing my hat into the ring..

I believe strongly that we should have a public option for healthcare in the US-
and if that is considered "liberal" or...gasp.."socialist", so be it. I am proud to be someone who cares about living things- be it plants, animals, or even..humans

I would be dead today if Italy didn't have socialized health care- My appendix ruptured while I was living there (actually, right after I returned from a long trip to the US) I was operated on, and stayed in the hospital for 6 days- all without paying a penny.

OK, so, the room wasn't private, and no TV, plus you had to go down the hall for the bathroom..and things weren't super modern.. (after all it WAS the hospital that Leonardo daVinci used to do his anatomical dissections in)

But the point is that I HAD health care in Italy- no questions....

and I Still wonder if my appendix had ruptured one week earlier, while I was visiting the US...and had no insurance (because at that time I was living in Florence)
what would have happened to me? I most likely would have tried to "tough it out" and avoid the ER, because I would have been worried about being saddled with a lifetime of medical bills-

While I was in the hospital a young american girl was admitted to my room.

She had been backpacking in Europe and ended up also with appendicitis while in France..she was operated on there, and decided to join her friends in Italy after they discharged her from the French hospital..

Well, needless to say, not a good idea...she ended up in incredible pain, and came to the Florence hospital straight from the train station...

I became her interpreter- and when her father showed up from the US, he was so grateful to the doctors for helping her...

The only thing I had a hard time translating for the father was when he asked where to pay the hospital bill.. He couldn't believe that his daughter was taken care of by a team of doctors and admitted to the hospital without charge. It was profound for him..

During this time of debate over health coverage in the US, I wonder what he (the father) is thinking about socialized medicine... I'll bet that he isn't out in the packs of demonstrators waving pics of Obama as Hitler.. No-I'll bet that he goes and hugs his daughter

Monday, August 24, 2009

Decisions decisions

I'll confess, when I first heard that I got into the 4th session of Haystack this year I actually had some doubts that I would even go-

My first pick was to go and spend a week with Andy Cooperman (one of my favorite metalsmiths) and do his popular "Zengineering" class, (which pares down stone setting to a Zen-like simplicity)

I've been lucky enough to know Andy for years, as he comes down to the Yuma Symposium on a regular basis. The thing is, I've never been able to take one of his workshops- I was either out of the country, pregnant, or chasing after Cosmo in his toddler I thought his Haystack session was my chance!

I received the acceptance letter in late spring..Congratulations! -it said- you have been accepted for session 4, Metals....(which was my second choice) with Fred Fenster and Hiroko Yamada...
"pewter for the table"..OK, I thought..steady now...
You see, I've never done any tableware before (having been mostly self taught) and Pewter?
well, I did read Johnny Tremain when I was a kid, and I knew someone who did some cast pewter here in Tucson...So I guess you could say that I was a complete and total Pewter virgin.
I had a question in front of I accept? YES YES YES!

It only took a few hours of contemplation...I decided to go based on a few things...
one- Fred Fenster is a hugely popular instructor, one might even go so far as to say legendary (although Fred would scoff off any accolades) I usually get nervous when I meet such admirable people, but my friend Kristen assured me that Fred was as genuine as they come- both and Hiroko gave great demos and are phenomonal instructors.

Two- Pewter made me nervous....I just didn't feel comfy with reaching for a soft metal...and wasn't sure that I would enjoy it..but then I remembered Haystack- what better place than this sanctuary of creativity to try something new and reach out of your comfort zone?

Three- Place...I mean really, what Tucsonan wouldn't give their eye teeth to spend 2 weeks in coastal Maine in the summertime??

Pewterpalooza 09

So- when that first bill came, I paid in full.. held my breath and jumped into the deep end...

to be continued....
(next installment=Love)

Monday, August 3, 2009

MBZ Fred Fenster and Hiroko1

ahh, love. I must say that my Haystack experience was the most intensely amazing lovefest in the studio that I have ever experienced.
I am left with a feeling of fortune, to have been included in the wonderful group of students that attended the session with me. Every one had contributions to bring to the table- each personality complimented another, in a way that only magic could explain.
Haytack Session 4, Metals....TLForever
xxxooo- M

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Museum, Family, Artists

today I hit the Trifecta.. I met my favorite Auntie Honey at the Fuller Craft Museum and then went for a visit to metalsmith Boris Bally's place-(his work is also featured at the Museum)

Funny thing is, the Fuller has been in my life for a really long time...My earliest memories include visiting my Grandparents in Brockton Mass, where the Fuller is located. In fact, one of my grandfather's favorite restaurants (the Parkway) used to be located right down the street, and until 10 years ago, my grandparents lives about 1/2 mile down the road..

My mother even confessed to "parking" with my Dad when they were teenagers in the park across the pond...(not sure if I needed to know that, but it now is etched in my mind....)

The Fuller museum was an Art Museum until a few years ago, when it transformed itself into a Craft Museum..which brings up that old question...what is art vs craft? (OK, I'll just say here that I don't want to go down that rabbit hole if you have comments about that,
feel free to post a comment..)

I'll be visiting the Fuller Museum more often now that I feel like it represents my community. I looked around while I was there and wondered if any of the other visitors were heading up to Haystack next weekend as well....

Sit On It!
By Boris Bally

Monday, July 6, 2009

yuma shadows

yuma shadows
Originally uploaded by cosmosmoonjewelry
I love taking photos of reflections and interiors...I remember being gleeful after I found this shot- I knew it would be interesting!

I look at this image as if it was a painting, flattening out the space and looking at the composition and colors...I think, oh.....I should do some painting again..............
I can feel the call of the canvas.......

OK, so all I want to know is when are they going to offer good cloning services, so I can be cloned and have time to do all the things I want to do????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

images and compositions

Sometimes when I am taking these images I imagine the photos to be paintings, so I am playing with composition in the images as well as the are a few images I took today of some of my new work..

you can hopefully see the play on composition and lighting that I utilize to make the images approach something other than just documenting the metals piece...

I feel like these images are as important as the piece, and may become a larger player in my artwork as I develop the image vocabularies...
each of these pieces are almost becoming characters in a play- in a similar way to how Giorgio Morandi would play with the still life compositions and bottle figures that he was so masterful at composing and infusing with life ...

Monday, June 22, 2009


Speaking of nature and enamels......
have I ever mentioned that we live next door to a couple who are entomologists? I adore the shapes and colors that nature brings us with the insect world..years ago I did a series of torch fired enamel bug pins that I think I may revisit..... 

My interpretations
"swarm 2006"

Well I'm the Human Fly 
and I don't know why
I go
Buzz Buzz Buzz
and it's just because........
human fly, The cramps

zucchini like cord wood

In the past week I have made 6 loaves of zucchini bread......
This pic shows 1/4 of the crop so far..(from 3 plants!)
I think we got the soil amended properly this year, because out tomatoes are yielding a bumper crop as well...
If only I could plant a chocolate tree......then my garden would be complete!

Cosmo really struggled under the weight of these babies!>>>

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

coca cola assassina

an image of the sad state of many walls in the historic center of Florence Italy... The problem with graffiti in Florence (Firenze) has been on the increase over the past 5 years-

I am fortunate enough to travel there on a yearly basis, and have even spent 3 years (97-2000) living there full time.( My husband is from Settignano Italy, a village in the hills just outside of Firenze proper)While we lived there, we stayed in a building in the San Frediano area of the historic city proper. 

I can say, that in the past 3 years I have really noticed a huge increase in tagging...and here I must make a distinction between tagging and graffiti...Tagging , to me , is similar to when a dog lifts it's leg to mark it's territory. Graffiti, while usually still illegal can also be an artful and creative expression (when well done) . Tags are indiscriminate scrawls, graffiti , when well done can even enhance or inspire. 

Unfortunately In Florence, I have even have seen tags on the Duomo and other Masterpiece churches as well, such as Santo Spirito, in "my" neighborhood. No, I'm not at all religious, but I appreciate the masterful architecture on these amazing historic buildings.

Usually, (with Florence at least) the government makes a big show of concern about these things, then sits on it's hands and does nothing. (this was the case while we lived there and belonged to an initiative to enforce controls on traffic in the historic city....many meetings, a few appearances from "il Sindaco" -the Mayor...but nothing realized except a pretty, wider sidewalk on  a section of our busy street...and that took 8 years to come to fruition!

I realize now that I have a voice that can be heard about this problem, and will be tweeting/posting images/blogging on a regular basis about this, to bring to light this rape of one of the world's Historic treasures. 

Save Florence from Blight! Un ambiente sano per la citta! 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Metalsmithing Painter / Paintersmithing Metal

here is a detail image of the torch fired disc enamel earrings that I completed today and will soon be posting to my shop. It's interesting to me that I have found ways to incorporate my painting and color into my metalsmithing, considering that I started out my art career as a painter!

Why did I switch from painting to metals? well, I always had a tendency towards painting in 3 dimensions- I used to create styrofoam armatures and connect them together with paint , so they would end up being relief sculptures with richly painted surfaces..
Essentially, I was making wall Jewelry..LOL

That was in the 80's, when everyone was painting BIgger, Bigger, Bigger...(and all I wanted to do was paint smaller and smaller...)
So, I resisted the push for painting and started concentrating on what made me the happiest at the end of the day, Metals.

I found that I could translate my ideas on painting and sculpture into metals, with various methods of adding color, texture and structure...
I love how metals has such a deep vocabulary of techniques, and each diverse method effects my compositions in different ways.

I also love that my work becomes a part of the wearer's life in ways that a painting usually cannot. in effect, I feel like each day that someone wears one of my pieces outside of their home, my work becomes miniature pieces of public art....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

carnivale necklace red and green clasp

I've been experimenting with my new Hydraulic press and dies..
one of the things that I always work with in my metalwork is color, so I've dusted off my old box of enamels and started incorporating torch fired enamels in my work as well. I love watching the glass sand shimmer and shine as it heats to melting temperature.
you know< I think maybe getting into torch fired enamels during SUMMER in Tucson Arizona might be a little crazy..but I must say, it sure gives me a good excuse to run through the sprinklers after working for a few hours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Potter USA Machine Shop- Tucson

About a year ago I founded the Facebook group "Metalsmiths Unite!", partially as a way to feel connected to my community and partially as a reaction to feeling "left out" at a metalsmithing event. Thankfully, my bruised feelings mended quickly and I decided to take Metalsmiths Unite in a positive direction: more about creating community than griping about it.

Along the way, my little pet project has grown to a viable international community of over 260 members. Most members are Metalsmiths, some are glass lampworkers, some are business owners, collectors, enthusiasts, and students. And then there are the Machinists...working with tools as big as wildebeasts, making tools , sculpture and jewelry in their wonderful grease monkey way.....(I say that lovingly)

Speaking of machinists......Yesterday, I went to pick up my new Hydraulic press that I purchased from Kevin Potter, a member of Metalsmiths Unite!

I've been wanting a press for a long time, and have even gone so far as to purchase one from Rio, only to back out of it a day later (it was on backorder) and buy metals instead. At that time, I didn't have any time to play with new tools, and I figured that gold was gold, so I traded materials. (very strange, by the way that a small piece of 18 k is equivalent to such a big and heavy tool!)

I met Kevin through a jeweler friend, Craig Dabler (a prominent Tucson jeweler), who brought Kevin into the Metalsmiths Unite! fold, and introduced him to me at my recent open studio. 
While at my open studio we started talking about making pancake dies to cut some of my took me a few months to be ready for them, but a few weeks ago I met with Kevin at his machine shop to see his shop and make an order. ( I know,
 I could make the die myself, but at his price it was much more sensible to phone it in.) 

This was a test run for him to make these dies: he has a friend who is a hot rodder and cad draftsman who put the files together, and they sent them to another friend who has a plasma (or was it laser?) cutter. In any case, the experiment in die making was greatly successful, and I now have a new set of dies for some of my flat designs. So happy!

Kevin is primarily working as an independent machinist these days,
 working out of his own shop. But his development as a toolmaker also included years of study at the University of Arizona's (now defunct) metals department. He worked for many years as a gallery Jeweler, mostly working with Gold and precious stones. This training has given him the unique angle of understanding how jewelry tools work and what Jewelers and Metalsmiths need for tools in a small shop.
(above, My favorite tool in Kevin's shop, a 1940's milling machine that I have dubbed "the Rhinoceros")

His Jewelry tool production includes a nifty small scale Hydraulic press (because let's face it, do you really need a 50 ton press in your small shop?) he makes forming stakes, leather shot bags , chasing tools, and of course dies for the press.He will be marketing much of his tools through Otto Frei. (he is at the SNAG conference in Philly this week, showcasing his tools)

Thanks Kevin for becoming a member of Metalsmiths Unite! (and thank you for making sensible tools for my small shop!) If you see him at the SNAG conference, be sure and say hello from me-
ciao- Maureen BZ 
metalsmith/ designer 
"Cosmo's Moon"
and founder

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tuareg Jewelry event

Last week I went to an event here in Tucson that was put together by Yvonne Foucher, owner of Cata Vino's wine shop, and member of Local First, Tucson. The featured artist/group was represented by their US representative, AnnElston. I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous pair of silver earrings for my collection. It is rare for me to purchase jewelry; I usually wear my work only..(like a walking billboard)... But these pieces were truly remarkable, and I knew immediately that I wanted to have a sample of the amazing technique and "soft geometry" of the designs. 

here is an image of my sample pair- remarkably, they are Hollow, and not soldered.. the piece is cut and folded into it's box shape- I believe (based on their weight) that there must be a small piece of wood in the core, to keep the light gauge silver from collapsing. I'm going to do a little research to find out if this is a technique that the Tuareg metalsmiths employ 
(I'll let you know when I find out)
in any case, these are made with stamping and repousse techniques: (with hammers and broken screwdrivers and files, as told by their rep...sounds right to me!)
repous |rəˌpoōˈsā|
adjective(of metalwork) hammered into relief from the reverse side.nounornamental metalwork fashioned in this way.ORIGIN mid 19th cent.French, literally ‘pushed back,’ past participle of repousserfrom re- (expressing intensive force) + pousser ‘to push.’

As a bonus piece, I was given a fantastic deal on a gorgeous hand sewn leather piece, which is a smaller version of the Tuareg sleep mats (mine is the size of a pillow). The hand tooling and design of this piece astounded me. I feel fortunate to have it, and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hold many more beautiful metalworks at the event.

You never know what opportunities arise, and I am so glad that I took time out of my busy day to be in the presence of such amazing craftsmanship.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

the state of my affairs

You know I love LOVE LOVE to fabricate one of a kinds, but lately I have been posting a lot of my more traditional, "pretty" jewelry in my cosmo's moon shop ...mostly pieces that I have carved and cast, so they are fast to put together and get out for sale... 

here are a few examples...

"florette" earrings- cast from wax carvings I created during a particularly fastidious time in my metals career...( I have listed a couple of colors)I think they work for both "Connecticut prep" and "Post punk" women..(great for multiple hole ears like I have)  

and my "goth"/ biker chic choker (one of my faves for dress up)

However, what seems to be selling most lately are the custom pieces... which keeps me busy... but I would love to thin out my inventory... selling a piece that is already listed? ah, Bliss! 

So, meanwhile these days before the summer season gets into swing, I'm keeping busy prepping stock for summer galleries back east, and next week I return to work 2 days a week as a goldsmith for Krikawa jewelry.. 
Just like my initials say- (I) M. B. Z. ciao! M :D


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