Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chronic pain and depression

I've got to fight the depression that is presently trying to invade my head. It is very hard to remain positive when I am having constant intense pain every waking moment.
 I've dealt with depression before- and know that it can really take a hold on me- making life more miserable than anything. I really don't want to go there.
So- I'm scaling back on some things- trying to type less and rest my hands more (I have numbness and pain in both hands these days....constantly) I will be doing more artwork and less production jewelery. My time has become more precious.
And I have to cut this post short because my hands are going numb while typing. Once numbness kicks in the pain starts to descend...
It's a terrible cycle- I'm going to break it! It cannot break me!
don't worry, I will slay this Dragon
Peace, Love and Gratitude- Maureen

1 comment:

AdobeSol said...

Hang in there Maureen. I know it is so hard to see through pain as it taints every aspect of your world. There is sunshine on the other side. You are wonderful and it shows in your art!


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