Friday, June 1, 2012

another MRI

Well, I'm back from the SNAG conference in Phoenix, (which was amazing) and am faced with a long hot summer.

Tucson reached 107 today- a cloudless sky, hazy with smoke from nearby wildfires.
It's a day when motorists know the rules have changed...we notice our fellow drivers with their windows down and know that they are driving without air conditioning.
Summer in Tucson rule #1- Cars without a/c get the right of way.
I was driving around town today - dropping Cosmo off at his performing arts camp, going to starbucks, driving to the pain institute- noticing the desolate landscape of pre-monsoon desert. Dusty, searing, sparse.

At the pain institute I am a new patient. After a short exam and discussion the latest theory on the origins of my pain is that I have ruptured another disc or two in my neck. My insurance company is going to be so thrilled to see that they have requested another MRI- this time a post surgery MRI on my neck.
This means that I will not be able to go ANYWHERE this summer and beyond- until we get to the bottom of this dismal chapter in my life.
yee haw.
:-p I'm earning my way to a nice vacation after this is all done. Maybe I'll come to see you? LOL you never know when a shrimpy metalsmith will come knocking at your door.....
ciao- M

1 comment:

AdobeSol said...

I'm so so sorry that you are going through this. PLEASE come visit me in New Mexico once you get through this chapter!


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