Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog of a lifetime

You know that mythic dog?
the one that is your best friend?
who loves to play catch, do tricks, go for walks and snuggle?
That Once in a Lifetime
Best dog in the WORLD
Your friend through thick and thin?
Lucky me!
I found Daisy.

My "Bull Whip" half Pit half Whippet rescue miracle.
God I love her. I am thankful every day that she ran in front of my car!
We've been together a little more than 2 years now- she has been incredibly helpful to me too- Comforting me through my pain- Enthusiastic walking partner and fellow morning sleeper.
Thank you,
Wag, bark- Maureen

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cosmo's summer research project

My son Cosmo is 9 going on 10 in a month- he is a Waldorf kid- enjoys his school and really believes in many of the principals of the Waldorf culture- all except the limits on computer games- specifically his favorite game (and only game) : Minecraft.
Cosmo loves Minecraft - it is a game of creation- of building his dreams. He basically builds his own environment out of blocks of various (computerized) materials. I have to say, it's pretty cool.
Florence Italy's famous red dome of their Duomo
Cosmo's dad is from Florence Italy, home of the jewel of Renaissance architecture, the Florence Cathedral also known as the duomo. Home of the Ponte Vecchio, the old bridge, with it's gold merchants and its elevated private corridor.
Cosmo loves building so much I thought I'd use it to encourage him to learn about his father's culture.
His summer project?  Cosmo has decided that he wants to build all of the famous cathedrals and buildings of Italy. He can do it on minecraft, his favorite game. It's a HUGE project, filled with history, engineering, architecture and Italian culture- a Huge project, and he's super excited about it.
Win win!

Cosmo wants to write about his Minecraft experience:
"Well I love minecraft and we got an idea.We said you can make a place, a castle, and why not Italy?"
We will be keeping a blog journal of this project, updating you about the completion of different landmarks. So far he has completed a version of the Ponte Vecchio (Florence) and is working on a copy of the Spanish steps and basilica (Rome) I will post pictures of them when I figure out how to get a jpg capture of his work.

Buon Viaggio! ciao- Maureen

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hairdo malfunction....

One of my friends has an adopted daughter from Ethiopia- She's gorgeous and funny and smart---and she has Ethiopian hair. My friend has straight hair. And this has proven to be very challenging. Anglo and Black hair are really two completely different creatures all together!

I know her mom is really trying everything she can to make it as pain-free as possible but Miss M has a very sensitive scalp, and a great set of lungs! Scream and scream my sweetheart baby girl does, every time she has her hair done. (I tell her mom it's great practice for her eventual career as an opera singer)

I'm wondering if any of my friends and readers could give some advice on the care of African American (Ethiopian) hair? I'll pass along any pearls of wisdom- Melkamie and her Mom thank you :-)

Metalsmiths Unite on the (internet) radio!

I'm going to be interviewed by Jay Whaley on Blogtalk radio Metalsmithing Benchtalk THIS THURSDAY at 3pm pacific time.
(I think this will be my 4th full interview- the other ones are archived in the Whaley studio channel on Blogtalk radio.)
This time I'll be talking about my metalsmithing Facebook group " Metalsmiths Unite" and how it has developed over the past 3+ years.
 I'd really love it if MU members came to the chat room during the interview- to ask questions, talk about Metalsmiths Unite/ Metalsmithing or if they just want to say "Hi." 
Please use the official chat room here:(this is the link to my interview)  
Don't be shy It's a lot of fun and a great way to connect!

Ciao for now- Maureen

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

symbolic musing

I'm a glutton for embellishment,
all kinds.
Like this asterisk for example
Isn't it lovely?
all circular and bursting
like a snowflake or
twinkling star.

Do you read symbols
words or Ideas?

I love the Italian word for
"Chiocciola" (keee-oh-cho-la)
It always reminds me of a
tropical nut.
or a topical nut.

anyhow- My friend Kristy gave birth to her beautiful
baby Boy "Kai" yesterday!!!!!
that deserves some exclaimation!!!!!

and one to grow on
<3 MBZ

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kikka the Showgirl RIP

I'm pretty tired now- came back home from the SNAG conference to find my elderly cat had broken her hip, and I had to put her to sleep. Oddly enough I'm not too upset about it- I am certain it was her time to go-
She was a rescue from the kill cages at the humane society 7 years ago- she had been labeled "unadoptable" because of a stage 4 heart murmur. (her thump thump thump of her heart sounded more like swish swish a laundry machine) She had arthritis in her hips and suffered from being de-clawed (not by us) in her front paws.
She was a very sweet kitty, loved to be cuddled and brushed- we have lived with her knowing that she could "drop dead at any time" (according to numerous vets)
Well,  she's lived far beyond any vet's expectations- I believe adopting our dog Daisy also gave her a boost- I actually thought she was a goner a few years ago, when she was becoming less mobile, and watching her eyes grow more and more unfocused with cataracts.
I held her and petted her as they administered the overdose of barbituates- within seconds she was gone- no fanfare or terror- only an end to her pain.
We love you Kikka! Rest in Peace <3 MBZ

another MRI

Well, I'm back from the SNAG conference in Phoenix, (which was amazing) and am faced with a long hot summer.

Tucson reached 107 today- a cloudless sky, hazy with smoke from nearby wildfires.
It's a day when motorists know the rules have changed...we notice our fellow drivers with their windows down and know that they are driving without air conditioning.
Summer in Tucson rule #1- Cars without a/c get the right of way.
I was driving around town today - dropping Cosmo off at his performing arts camp, going to starbucks, driving to the pain institute- noticing the desolate landscape of pre-monsoon desert. Dusty, searing, sparse.

At the pain institute I am a new patient. After a short exam and discussion the latest theory on the origins of my pain is that I have ruptured another disc or two in my neck. My insurance company is going to be so thrilled to see that they have requested another MRI- this time a post surgery MRI on my neck.
This means that I will not be able to go ANYWHERE this summer and beyond- until we get to the bottom of this dismal chapter in my life.
yee haw.
:-p I'm earning my way to a nice vacation after this is all done. Maybe I'll come to see you? LOL you never know when a shrimpy metalsmith will come knocking at your door.....
ciao- M


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