Thursday, July 29, 2010

Handmade Benefits

What are the benefits of buying handmade designs from the artist vs. assembled or mass produced jewelry?
Original designs...Craftsmanship straight from the artist... a knowledge that your piece was produced by a person, not a machine...the possibility that your piece's value will increase as a piece of art (and it possibly could end up being requested for a retrospective Museum show some day)
Plus** beautiful handmade craft proves that "They REALLY DO make things like they used to!"**

Cosmo's Moon Jewelry is my online outlet for handmade, original, eclectic and edgy jewelry designs. Now stocked with pages of colorful original handmade jewelry and accessories
Just sayin' :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Locavore ring

We maintain a home garden on our 1/4 acre lot in midtown Tucson. (although I'll admit it looks pretty shaggy right now due to the heat and the monsoon season's storms...) This current garden is now 3 years old and we have got it to be tuned to producing some sort of food crop year round.

That's right- year round!We are still doing fine tuning- figuring out what crops to grow when and what we need to add to this sandy desert soil. (thanks to the winter rains the peaches were AMAZING this year)

There is always tons of gardening to do- mostly weeding and mending irrigation lines- but we all enjoy the work- and feel that it is important to note how much work it takes to produce a single tomato. that knowledge humbles us- makes us feel our solidarity with the land and those who make their living off the land.

We are moderate locavores- meaning we make a conscious effort to  choose locally grown foods when possible. Locally grown food is fresher, and it uses less fossil fuels to get from the earth to the market.
Plus, if you shop at the local farmer's markets you get to know the people who are growing your food (raising the chicken/beef). Some of the ranchers are quite handsome too...;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

new blogger templates

Just so you know, if you come to this blog and see it looking different...I'm just playing with the new Blog templates and backgrounds. Re-arranging the furniture and trying out new upholstery...
I'll be interested to hear comments- I think it's fun to try on new "blog clothes"- and I don't even have to worry about if it makes my blog look totally dorky! :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello, hello..?can I complain again?

Yet another phone book landed on my doorstep.
HOW MANY of them do we need??? I'm starting to think that there is a phone book/recycled paper industry connection..I keep recycling them, they get printed on their own recycled paper. Kind of like the snake eating it's tail. I guess the good behind this logic is that eventually we'll be getting phone books so saturated by ink that they are completely black....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Text Rings- Story

What's so important about Stories?
There is a powerful connection with our past and the possibilities of the future in stories. They comfort people, teach, enlighten, and inform our world.
This ring is an ode to stories of all kinds- His story, Her story, Our story. Celebrate your imaginative storied self. Read, listen and learn. Storytelling is an art-it is the stuff of inspiration.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

seriously spammers...

I mean, really!  stop trying to post links to your chinese soft porn on my blog.
it's so not sanctioned, neither here nor there
Hit the road, Jack!
get lost applesauce! PPPPtttllllpppp!


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