Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello, hello..?can I complain again?

Yet another phone book landed on my doorstep.
HOW MANY of them do we need??? I'm starting to think that there is a phone book/recycled paper industry connection..I keep recycling them, they get printed on their own recycled paper. Kind of like the snake eating it's tail. I guess the good behind this logic is that eventually we'll be getting phone books so saturated by ink that they are completely black....


banana said...

What is up with dat?! How many phone books do you need in Tucson? What annoys me most is that all the phone books that we get are for East Tucson. So they go straight in the recycle bin. We had one sit out in the rain for about a year, kinda like a science experiment.

Maureen BZ said...

yeah, mine are all east Tucson too- I'm so central that I still think of anything beyond Swan as "Way east" :-)


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