Thursday, April 1, 2010

celebrated anxiety 11

This is a piece that I just finished last week-
it's fabricated pewter, about 10" tall, and has 3 box compartments when it is dismantled.

The title is "Celebrated Anxiety" - it's about that twitchy nervous feeling you get when you are late for something.

The text that encircles the top and middle box reads "I'm Late, I'm Late, for a Very Important Date" then "No time to say Hello Goodbye I'm Late I'm Late I'm Late" (from the Lyrics of "I'm Late" in the Disney Version of Alice in Wonderland"

In making this piece I came to realize that "Late" means different things for men vs women- I'm not saying this as a criticism or anything- it's simply a natural fact- women's bodies are ruled by the moon, the changing of seasons and time- and being "late" can mean wonderful and horrifying things to a woman depending on the state of their lives.

Men have a very different relationship with time- late is a fact-
and I wonder if they experience a similar anxiety or if it is completely different, if we secrete diverse chemical responses- similar to the diverse responses that prey animals feel vs predators when startled by a loud noise.

In any case- this is the piece I made- it's a cross between a wedding cake and a trophy- I was thinking these thoughts wile I made it, and I hope you enjoy it- I'm planning on entering it into some shows this year- so hopefully it will be seen in a gallery soon!
thanks for your comments-
ciao ciao- Maureen BZ

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