Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yuma part deux....

OK, so, you've just arrived at Lute's Casino, pins for swapping in hand, and a thirst for Margaritas you make your way into the bar.......

The annual pin swap is a great way to break the ice. It's a way to open new friendships- those who have made swapping pins (Usually some fantastic and funky stuff) go around and find others to trade pins with- I love the collections that are emerging with these pieces- these are pins that are the artist with their hair down! I made some really funky pins this year- and their freedom has opened up new doors for my creative thinking. good stuff.

After pin swap we meet at the Yuma Theater for opening the Symposium with short intros and remarks. Many people go back to the bar afterwards, but I usually just head to the hotel- I know it's going to be an early wake up..........

chirp chirp! (cue: early morning birds, tweeting)

Day 2 begins the presentations! a variety of visiting artists presenting their work and ideas-
want a list of the artists who presented this year and their website links? Ok! here it is!:)

2010 Presenters
clay • fiber • wood • metals • painting • photography • printmaking
Jennifer D Anderson  • printmakingSam Chung  •  clayArthur Ganson  • sculpture
Zig Jackson  • photography
Becky McDonah  • metals
Bruce Metcalf  • metalsStephanie Metz  • fiber
Pete Pinnell  • clay
Betsy Schneider  • photographyLisa Slovis  • metals
Patrick Stafford  • wood/multi-media
Dale Wedig  • metals

You have your choice- there are 12 presentations by 12 artists in 2 days and 3 locations- (sometimes you have to choose between one cool topic and the other) Friday's lineup has 7 artists presenting throughout the day- It's hard to choose sometimes, but no matter what, you will be treated to a really great presentation.

After a full day of checking out the amazing presentations Friday night there is an opening reception and silent auction. (Where the bidding is fierce)

Many people go out to eat after the opening, but I choose to go to the "show your stuff!" at the Yuma Theater to watch students and other artists present their work in an informal forum. (It's great to see the work that is coming through the schools...some big talents heading our way!)

  The Coranado- "home" for the Symposium crowd - (often booked a year in advance)

On the way back to the hotel I find my way to the bonfire at the back of Neeley Tomkin's studio- I stop and chat with a few other artists for a few moments- then head to the Coranado- "home" to catch some ZZZZZ's

and so, you's a long story...and I'm verbose. I have to split this blog post in three!!
stay tuned for the stunning and entertaining conclusion of this epic saga!
.................................Yuma III - the relay

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