Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 24 2010 Studio Wildflowers

I just thought I'd share this pic of the gorgeous flowers that are blooming outside in my studio garden- I look forward to this every year- and each year's wildflower crop is more spectacular than the last. 2010 has been very rainy here so far- record rain in fact for Tucson- so the desert is awash with color. (and we all are reaching for benedryl)
The only bummer about this is that we know what is coming....6 months of scorching heat! It usually starts around late April- When the temps reach 100+ degrees...the first time it happens we call it "ice break", and there are contests for predicting the exact date and time. Usually the prize is a car-with air conditioning- which the winner traditionally uses to "get the hell out of Dodge!" and find cooler places to hang their hat.

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