Friday, March 12, 2010

finding my balance

So...I'm on ring #50 in my ring a day practice, and I've learned a few things....
I enjoy having this continuous practice- though I find I need a break during the weekends.
At first I was strict about making something every day- but I find that the weekends, for me at least
I never have enough energy to do much more than some throw away piece- (so hastily made that it bothers me)...
I've been a typical mom on the weekends- running here and there, catching up with housework, bringing my sweet kiddo to his activities and parties....when I'm home, I need to be with my family, so I've made the "executive decision" to give myself a break and only do Ring a Day on weekdays.
Just having those couple of days to take a broader look at the world seems to really help me-
I guess it's just what happens, when incorporating new things in our lives...sometimes it is a struggle before you settle on a pace that suits you.
ok- and saying that- it just happens that it is a busy studio weekend for me- lol...
(I'm on the Tucson Open Studio tour both Saturday and Sunday...)
Perhaps I'll see you there!
ciao- Maureen

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