Monday, March 1, 2010

Connect with your Muse

This month's Etsy Metal team blog Carnival topic is ......

"20 things to do to kick start Creativity"

I thought that it would be fun to try to list some tricks of the creative's my list- the cuff...
#1- Do an assignment in a random, off the cuff way....LOL
#2- make ridiculous limitations to your process, like drawing with your feet or writing when you're really tired (like I am now)
#3- make something intentionally ugly.
#4- try using a new material
#5- take a "walk" or go skipping around the block (it's impossible for me to skip without laughing)
#6- read a random part of a reference book
#7- stretch and drink a glass of water (we are often dehydrated here in Arizona)
#8- set a time limit on your current work (get it done and out of your way...there are so many creative ideas just dying to come forward!)
#9- write a poem
#10- do a bit of gardening- be tactile- smell the soil
#11- watch a favorite movie- notice why you love it
#12- Road trip! Go see something you've never seen before in your area- even if it just means driving/ walking/ biking etc down a new street.
#13- go to the library
#14- make random stuff with your scrap materials-
#15- realize that you might not be making a masterpiece, and get over it
#16- take a nap
#17- go to the hardware store and pick a few materials that you think might be fun to play with.
#18- Try to make a list, and put it on your blog
#19- don't erase/ delete your "mistakes" -sometimes the irregular is more interesting!
#20- when all else fails....Chocolate. (maybe that should be the first one!)

well, that's my list for tonight- I'm sure I'll think of more- (including the exact perfect one that I'll be kicking myself for forgetting) Here are the other Etsy Metals team members who have created a list...
  (There are 15 other Etsymetal metalsmiths blogging on the same topic today. Please go and check out their articles, they will all be sure to get your creative ideas flowing!!) - Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal [Berenice Schaltegger] (Brooke Arin Medlin) (Thomasin Durgin/Metalriot)

Enjoy!- Maureen BZ


Beth Cyr said...

ha ha, make a list for your blog... he he... thats a good one :) its true also! and chocolate, always good - although the last time i did that I think I discovered I might have a slight chocolate allergy. I'm hoping it was just "off" and not me!

fluxplay said...

I like no.17....I'm still musing about those formica samples I picked up one day ;-).

Catherine Chandler said...

Fantastic suggestions! Using different materials is always fun :)


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