Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finishing those odds and ends

Here's an example of one of my new rings I've made for the ring a day project- Made of oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.

Yes, it is a complex piece- something that I really love to do, work in a dense manner- I made it in stages........

the tubes I rolled and put together as a collection a few years ago-(I went on a big tube making kick) and the ring I finished in a day-

This is the story with many of my ring a day pieces....I am simply "Finishing" work that I have set know, those pieces that you just can't seem to make work, and you don't want to send them to refining....

So I guess you could say this ring a day project has me re-purposing some of my work- I must admit, it's pretty satisfying to find homes for these odds and ends!

nuff said- I'm off to the studio now for a FULL DAY of studio work- Yippee! ciao- Maureen

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