Thursday, April 30, 2009

the state of my affairs

You know I love LOVE LOVE to fabricate one of a kinds, but lately I have been posting a lot of my more traditional, "pretty" jewelry in my cosmo's moon shop ...mostly pieces that I have carved and cast, so they are fast to put together and get out for sale... 

here are a few examples...

"florette" earrings- cast from wax carvings I created during a particularly fastidious time in my metals career...( I have listed a couple of colors)I think they work for both "Connecticut prep" and "Post punk" women..(great for multiple hole ears like I have)  

and my "goth"/ biker chic choker (one of my faves for dress up)

However, what seems to be selling most lately are the custom pieces... which keeps me busy... but I would love to thin out my inventory... selling a piece that is already listed? ah, Bliss! 

So, meanwhile these days before the summer season gets into swing, I'm keeping busy prepping stock for summer galleries back east, and next week I return to work 2 days a week as a goldsmith for Krikawa jewelry.. 
Just like my initials say- (I) M. B. Z. ciao! M :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Earshot....the image dilemma

or: Earrings..Sometimes it is all about Size

I've been thinking about how to display my earrings
in my Etsy shop, and I've decided that I need to include 
4 shots....

1) front shot..nice and clear and dramatic..."clickable and alluring"

2) side/ depth the dimension of the piece

3) back detail....cause us detail divas need to see the craftmanship!

and the Biggie....
                          4) size.....who puts a ruler up to their ears 
        when they are thinking about buying earrings? I mean, really!

so, in lieu of having a model with perky ears
on hand every time I take pics, 
I had a friend take a picture of my ears...
(thankfully I have cute ears...)
I sized the image to life size, 
printed the image...
poked a hole where the piercing would be 
(and digitally erased all my other holes....
my badges of honor from the '80's)

Now, I always have an ear model...
there is no "ick factor" ,
because the "model" is a piece of paper

and she works cheap...for Q-tips!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Metalsmithing's New look

Have you seen SNAG's  new Metalsmith Magazine format?      
(if you are asking what SNAG is click here)

it has been re-designed , with new content and easier to read typeface. 

I must say, I have been quite vocally critical in the past of the magazine, 

but I am honestly happy with the new look and content!

why the change of heart? (you may ask.....)

I've done a lot of thinking on this subject for a while. 

I do have a great interest in the future of SNAG and metalsmithing, 

so the magazine’s content always has a deep impact on me. (such a sensitive artist...)

I had felt for a while that “Metalsmith” was really the voice of the organization, 

so when I saw last year’s Exhibition in Print (EIP) I was concerned that SNAG was lost to me, 

and I pondered if it was relevant to me, or many of my peers.

coming to a conclusive opinion on the Exhibition in Print was a struggle for me, because I also have a deep appreciation for the artistic process.

I know the import of pushing the envelope, and furthermore I believe that part of pushing the envelope usually means creating a visceral reaction. 

It's just the nature of the beast. I think that last year’s EIP succeeded in that aspect. (Laughing a bit while I type that).

I think I just got jangled more than anything, (and I'm sorry if my response was too harsh) 

which I believe is what many of the piece’s that were displayed were meant to do. 

So, upon reflection, I now think that the issue was successful, even if I didn’t particularly relish it’s effect.

ok, so about the new Metalsmith Format,  I feel I must share my analogy:

Before the re-design, I would read Metalsmith like I was taking a dose of medicine: 

good for me, perhaps, but still sometimes difficult to take.

Now, the new format feels like a vitamin:

desired tool to keep myself healthy, proactive (and yes, sometimes a little hard to take as well)

So, with a re-designed Magazine, a bright and Shiny new Orchid forum design (looks GREAT!) 

and a few hundred hours in the studio, what gorgeous creations will you bring to the table? 

I don’t know about you, but I am excited by our possibilities......

Happy ‘Smithing!

Maureen Brusa Zappellini 


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