Monday, November 2, 2009

Flying Solo- quitting my Day job

let’s see, what have I been up to lately?
Things are going well here- I have started to upgrade my studio (and drain my bank account) so that I can teach small workshops there (3-4 students). More info about workshops and teaching will be posted soon- I plan on moving into this new realm starting next year...

I am also getting prepared for an open studio event, an art show, and a holiday sale: all being held between now and Dec 15th.

In my studio I've been playing with fabricating and casting pewter- Also... I'm working on a collection of new bracelets and pendants in sterling and mixed metals-

And at home I have been getting our gardens ready for the arrival of winter and the onslaught of winter visitors....

also also also!

With all of this on my plate, and with the prospects of many other opportunities and responsibilities I decided that I had to make a decision on how I was spending my time- and my conclusion was that I needed to have more focus on my own business during the weekdays, so that I could keep my weekends free to be with my

Last week I gave notice to my goldsmithing job at Krikawa Jewelry Design- I am working there until Christmas break- after which I will be there only as an emergency goldsmith (if they get backed up on their orders).

It was a difficult decision to quit, because I really love the work environment there and the people as well- However, I found that I was not able to focus on the opportunities that have been coming my way....I simply needed to clear my desk and work on my own projects. Thankfully the owner of the design company that I worked for is a friend of mine and completely understands my need to go solo.:-)

I’m looking at this time as a period of accepting challenges- I know there will be times when I need to take a bigger jump, and times when I will feel defeated or victorious-
I believe this is a turning point for me- I feel the support from my family and my friends and contacts in the “real” world and online and I’m ready to let go of the edge!


Elise said...

Beautiful post. SO glad you're at this point. You're obviously trying to make the best choices from the several options available to you right now.

A nice place to be, overall, despite the challenges, no?

Oh...and...nice shirt.


Dee said...

!!! You're going. I'm going. What are Lisa and John gonna do now that the SOUL has officially left the building?

Just kidding. Good for you, Maureen. I'm proud of you and you're gonna do great!

chic beads by germaine said...

Congrats to you Maureen! I'll be living vicariously through you!


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