Tuesday, October 27, 2009

logo a go go

bzap logo circle
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My maker's mark - or Logo....Mark this one up as another thing that I've put off and delayed and never could decide....For the past 10 years I have gone without, making my mark on my pieces with a hand engraver, which works ok but is not the level of craftsmanship I want for my work.

I had a stamp for my metal work made years ago...it was from my years with my original last name- and fine for that period of my life....but ... (yawn...) boring design, and wrong initials as of Dec. 1995 (when Guido and I got hitched)

with a last name like Brusa Zappellini you can really Design something!
But what???I decided that I would work with my abbreviated signature. "BZap" and make it similar to how I initial my work currently...

BUT...can I be certain that I am going to like it / use it for the foreseeable future?what if I get sick of it? would it look like I want it? do I have an extra chunk of money to get this made? Questions...uncertainty...and the monster- INDECISION!

ahhhh indecision! be gone!

yeah, that's right indecision...I've got weapons against you now! HA! First I pull out my EtsyMetals team...a gaggle of talent and design wizards they are...and I ask opinions on my two designs from them.....
(the votes are coming in - but I won't divulge the preference just yet, as to not sway the vote)

Then, I get my twitter tool going and post a couple of links to these images I posted on flickr...(still waiting to get response...sometimes it's like that..)

and of course, I am a Facebook addict, so I post these to my profile.
But I wasn't done yet! here's my chance to glean a bit of blog power too!

Yes, I'm asking for opinions here as well- sorry to make you work and read, but I'll make it simple- you can comment simply by saying circle or letters...and that would give me your vote-
And with this, we can work together to beat back indecision, and celebrate professional progress!

once more into the blog good friends! tally ho~ M


Alicia Istanbul said...

I think it looks great. I vote for no circle because I think that will give you more options.

bronwen said...

I too am such a lamo..... my logo has been pushed back for years!!! I like the attention the circle gets, it drew my eyes over to it, so, I vote....

I like it

elizabethrosasjewelry said...

I like letters better

Maureen BZ said...

so I had a comment from a fb friend saying he thought it wasn't sophisticated enough- I think he's right if it was a logo- but as a stamp, I think it works well- I'm leaning to the plain letters, with some minor alterations- a few people have told me of problems with stamps confined in a designated shape (not stamping clearly/incomplete)
ok- I welcome more opinions if you got them- thanks!

Maureen BZ said...

OK- I've made up my mind- I've tweaked the non-circle one for my stamp....and will incorporate the circle in my print logo (which I will be working on soon) thanks everyone for your comments!


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