Monday, November 3, 2008

Tangents.....the path less followed

As creative people we all have the tendency and desire to explore new ways of creating.

I am definitely guilty of going off on a tangent for weeks on end in my studio...then later, thinking..."what was I doing?"And ending up with what I call my (excuse me) "little bastards."

Here's the thing...despite the unflattering name, I really love these pieces. They almost never have continuity with what I usually do in the studio, or within their group. Just a bunch of really diverse pieces, looking like they were made by different artists.

I could probably have a show and assign different artist names to each piece and nobody would know the difference!

Why do I love them so? Because they represent to me the essence of artistic freedom and creativity. Let's face it, in order to have our "work" recognised artists and designers have to cultivate a "signature style". It is essentially our version of visual "branding".

Many people like the comfort of the familiar, especially when buying something.And having an oddball piece or two in a collection can be unsettling. It raises questions, like whoa, what IS that? where did that come from? why is it here?? and so forth... But I try to twist it around, to think...ok, that's a new path...I wonder where that will lead?

And lead to something they do, these unique journeys into a path less taken. Though I may not use anything from a piece or a technique that I tinker with, the result from having that freedom is reflected in all my future work. And then, down that twisting path, another fork in the road will present itself, leading to more openings and questions.

So today I salute all my tangents and their resulting oddball pieces. Hey, who knows, perhaps I will find another fork in the creative road....which path will I take? and where will this lead? With acceptance to work a little "dirty" I may just find my next exciting groove!


CarolynArtist said...

Lol at Little Bastards! I can relate, mostly I've been told I'm tangential when I speak. Your pieces are awesome! (the little bastards)It looks like you have been very busy!!!

capitolagirl said...

I love going on tangents with my crafting, and I love the Little Bastards--its a great piece and name! LOL :-)

Dina Cuomo said...

beautiful designs- good luck at your craft show


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