Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy to be layed off...because...

Howdy-Ciao! from my in sunny Tucson
Like many of you, I am a metalsmith who juggles multiple jobs in my field.

Last year was CRAZY for me:
I held 2 paid jobs, a board position in a local craft organization and I had 4 galleries to keep happy and stock.

On top of all this, I keep my son's needs at the forefront, so homework help, library, chess club, soccer, swimming, playdates....pokemon...have to fit in as well. Being married is also something to work at, right? :-) So let's not forget spending quality time with Hubbster!

Oh yes, and those pesky (wonderful) friends- ('Cause you gotta have friends, right?), I'm afraid those important relationships get neglected under the carpet of everything else. (sorry...still love you, mean it)

Then there is THIS YEAR...(that is the 2008-09 school year).....

No teaching position (because Hubby travels too much this year and babysitting fees cancel out teaching earnings..)

Gallery sales in the gutter...temporarily layed off from my goldsmith position....

and the craft board? well, let's just say I find it irrelevant now.

Thankfully my friends, husband and son stuck around... :-) whew!

HERE'S the Thing.....I am as busy as before- and Happy as a Clam.

I am so happy to have this time available- because now I can..

  • work in the studio on new designs

  • hone my business skills

  • make new contacts

  • search for new opportunities

  • Garden

  • re-model the bathroom

  • go for a walk in the park

  • get appointments out of the way

  • play with my son when he gets home from school

  • volunteer at school

  • be spontaneous!

The number one thing I try to remember through all of this change is that turmoil is temporary, and a great way to stir up the soup to look for more carrots!

Today I am

  • learning about how to make treasuries on Etsy.

  • taking images of my new less expensive pieces of jewelry

  • Posting on my etsy shop

  • having lunch with a friend

  • shopping for a halloween costume with my son

  • discussing the differences of Italian/USA politics with my husband, Guido

  • being thankful for having time to do all I want

What are you doing today?


The Lone Beader said...

You sound busy!!

Also thanks for following my blog! Please stop by anytime. Cheers from Boston! :D

Elise said...


I didn't know you'd been laid off. Wowza. But you always land on your feet. Meanwhile, everyone else benefits.

I am TOTALLY enjoying the challenge of starting a new arts business in this economy...YOW


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