About Maureen BZ

Hi- I'm Maureen BZ- Metalsmith, designer and pretty much the entire staff here at Cosmo's Moon. You can't get more independent than that! Cosmo's Moon is original and eclectic line of handmade jewelry that I design and create in my funky little garden studio In Tucson AZ.

The designs I create for Cosmo's Moon have an aesthetic that reflect my Southwestern and Italian influences and inspirations.While I currently LIVE in Tucson, my husband is from Florence Italy, and I have been lucky enough to have lived and studied there in the late 1990's. (we return at least every year to visit la famlilia, of course)

Cosmo's Moon's inventory consists of ALL original and handmade designs (nothing assembled from commercial craft store findings). This is a line of work that I  have created and developed over the past 25 years, from Boston to Arizona, Florence Italy and Back again .

I think one of the hardest things to convey when selling my work online is the quality of the craftsmanship and substantial feel of each piece. I don't skimp on materials or craftsmanship. My work has a substantial feel; I make pieces that will stand the tests of time- weighty yet comfortable and impeccably hand crafted. My mission is to prove that "they" really DO make things the way "they" used to!

My "How I got into metalsmithing"story:
Metalsmithing found me- it was an art that I stumbled upon by chance. I started working with silver smithing in 1985 as a summer job to earn money for Art school (SMFA Boston/Tufts University) .
At that time my appearance was pretty outrageous for Seacoast NH,(where my parents then lived) and at first found it difficult to find a job. Luckily a local jeweler (an eclectic/eccentric himself) gave me a chance of a lifetime- an invitation to apprentice for his shop during summers home from art school. Which I did for the next two years- gathering enough metals experience to really light the fire of my interest- which has turned into a lifelong passion.
It soon became clear to me that Metalsmithing had become my medium of choice. I remain to this day passionate about working in metals, and making artistic jewelry that is edgy, unique, well crafted and wearable.

I am originally from the east coast and New England, my husband is from Florence Italy and we live in Tucson AZ, where we raise our son (Cosmo) and love our desert life style.

Thanks once again for your interest-
I hope you find something in my shop that
suits your fancy, or fancies your suit!

Maureen BZ

ps-why the name "Cosmo's Moon"?
My son's name is Cosmo, my husband is an astrophysicist...Plus, it's a quote from a movie (Moonstruck).... now you know the secret of how I chose the name Cosmo's Moon!

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I am the creator and founder of the"Metalsmiths Unite" groups on Facebook and Etsy- a project I created in 2008 with the mission of creating a non-competitive community for working metalsmiths and jewelers. Now in it's third year and the combined groups number over 2,000 members strong!



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