Friday, April 26, 2013

I Know, Don't I?

The garden of techniques in metalsmithing is vast and fascinating- Keep on exploring!

There are so many things to learn in Metalsmithing, and so many ways to get things done- I think the most important thing to learn is to use your noodle when you have a new problem- TRY not to rely on doing things the way they are "supposed" to be done (according to whom?) and instead learn how to do things the way YOU can envision things will logically work.
Of course, this tool- self confidence- comes with time and trial and errors. We all make them- it's the wise 'smith who keeps the lessons we learn ourselves to be used for future "problems".....
Yeah, I cringe when students come to the table with "I know"- because you can never be sure from where they have acquired their Knowledge.
Arrive every day at the bench with the spirit of "maybe I don't know" and you can be assured that you will learn something. Even if it is that you learn that you really really DO Know!
ya know?


My Art and My Soul said...

Great words, Mo, as always:O)

Robyn Hawk said...

So true and that is one of the best arguments against formal arts education. Seems to teach you what you can't do rather than releasing your creativity. ;)



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