Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Filigree set

Filigree fans, how about some eye candy?

This is part of one of my most treasured possessions. I bought it maybe 20 years ago for a really really great price- It wasn't super cheap, but I know I got a major score. In any case- I love it-
This is a detail shot of the central sugar bowl- it is part of a set.

In complete it is a 6 glass 1 sugar bowl on a tray. All Filigree, all silver. Stamped, makers mark and all.
I bought it in Tucson from an old Mexican family (they are wealthy, don't worry I didn't take advantage of anyone) (the Madre is a collector, she had just brought it from a recent trip in Mexico, where she frequently shops for antiques for her store in Tucson) I'm pretty sure it is from Mexico  (I know I could verify that relatively easily by researching the maker's marks) I confess, I enjoy the mystery of the object, so I haven't done any research other than just staring at the metalwork with amazement.

I've never had it appraised- But I keep it very safe and sound, because it is worth so much to me because of the incredible craftsmanship. The tray alone will boggle the mind. forget it if you are learning how to do filigree, this thing will make you cry.

For anyone thinking they may get to see it while whey are in town
for the gem show, I'm sorry- it's not currently in Tucson.  
Wishing everyone a peace filled week-

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