Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New BLOG Title and address!

Hi there everyone-
I have decided to change my blog's name and address-
My new name is MBZ Metalsmith
and the new Address is .

I just decided that since my work is becoming considerably less about my production line (aka: Cosmo's Moon) and more about my artistic choices, that I should change the name to reflect the point of view.

Nothing is really changing as blog fodder however- I will continue to write about a variety of things that are important to me as an artist, a mother, an Arizonan, an eccentric and liberal practicalist.
I hope you all enjoy my posts- I certainly enjoy reading your comments!

thanks- Maureen

ps- pain update? the spinal cord stimulator did not work. I'm at the crossroads again and am looking in a few different directions to see if we can find an explanation for the pain and hopefully an end to it as well.


Roberta said...

I am sorry the stimulator didn't work. I had surgery last week and can't really tell if it worked yet or not since I still have numbness in my leg. I have been told it can take a while for the nerve to regenerate so I need to be patient.

I hope they can figure something out for you, I really do.

I like the new blog name. I'll still be a reader! Good luck!

Gina said...

Nice hat, little lady. :-) I like this for so many reasons... to start with, your labels. The ones that correctly identify you!


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