Thursday, August 2, 2012

a Garden behind the house

Guido and Cosmo a few years ago with some peaches from one of our trees. YUM!
Just recently I've come to realize that I've become a gardener. I mean, I've always loved to be outside and dig in the soil- have had aspirations of living off the land...but didn't think about it becoming reality until lately. Actually, my husband (Guido) is the real gardener: I simply waltz in and do a bit of weeding watering and harvesting. (I have an excuse, not really able to do much because of my injured neck)
Me and Daisy in our back yard- the garden is behind me
and it's looking appropriately shaggy for monsoon season.

I'm one of those people who really enjoy raking and pruning and digging. In fact- my current injured status was in part due to a "freak gardening accident" where I over did it one day, making the garden look nice for an up coming Open Studio...and ended up stressing my bulging discs in my neck so much by the vibrations of the weed whacker that my discs decided to pack up and move out of alignment with my spine. oh, and just for fun pinch the hell out of my nerve on their way out.

anyways... we garden.
W live in Tucson, so we are a bit limited to what we can grow. Currently we are harvesting tomatoes daily, our Nectarines are just finished and our zucchini is on it's way out. We have at least 10-15 cantaloupe in the near future (break out the Prosciutto!) and delicious watermelons close after. Also our pomegranate has about 50-70 fruits ready in late August. I'd say we do pretty good for a mini urban veggie patch.  You just don't want our water bills- trust me. (it is truly worth it)

My sister is the one with the great soil- in Hood River OR. I think they have about 30 acres- mostly fruit orchard. and those cherries I've been talking about lately? like nothing you have ever tasted before.

How about you? do you have a garden? (ps- I believe potted plants indoors counts as a garden too! I know what it's like to have no yard as an apartment dweller. It's one of the reasons why we live here, instead of Florence Italy, where the family home is smack in the center of the city and NO balcony, let alone a yard. I just can't do that right now. I NEED DIRT PEOPLE!! LOL, mini rant, over and out)
Tell me about your garden- do you have a favorite crop? (don't incriminate yourself of course)
I'd love to hear your garden stories!

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Roberta said...

I live in a small apartment so I don't have a garden in the true sense of the word. I do grow sprouts though. I mainly grow lentils and radish sprouts with the occasional mung beans. They are especially good in winter when the farmers market is long gone.


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