Friday, June 1, 2012

Kikka the Showgirl RIP

I'm pretty tired now- came back home from the SNAG conference to find my elderly cat had broken her hip, and I had to put her to sleep. Oddly enough I'm not too upset about it- I am certain it was her time to go-
She was a rescue from the kill cages at the humane society 7 years ago- she had been labeled "unadoptable" because of a stage 4 heart murmur. (her thump thump thump of her heart sounded more like swish swish a laundry machine) She had arthritis in her hips and suffered from being de-clawed (not by us) in her front paws.
She was a very sweet kitty, loved to be cuddled and brushed- we have lived with her knowing that she could "drop dead at any time" (according to numerous vets)
Well,  she's lived far beyond any vet's expectations- I believe adopting our dog Daisy also gave her a boost- I actually thought she was a goner a few years ago, when she was becoming less mobile, and watching her eyes grow more and more unfocused with cataracts.
I held her and petted her as they administered the overdose of barbituates- within seconds she was gone- no fanfare or terror- only an end to her pain.
We love you Kikka! Rest in Peace <3 MBZ

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*hugs*, ande


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