Wednesday, March 28, 2012

X Ray

Well, I've won x-rays for my shoulder. Had to point out to my Neuro that nobody had done that yet.
what's going on??
There are a few theories...simplest being that there is something going on in my shoulder (that's making it crazy hard to concentrate on anything but pain....) The possible red herring is that I have carpal tunnel (which I have known for years, and haven't really been bothered by it) Dr said that it is rare but possible that the nerve is "backfiring" into the shoulder, causing pain that originates from the wrist but is active in the shoulder..
So- I'm going to go get another dose of radiation, and hopefully they'll look at my xray and say
fingers crossed xx

1 comment:

Lisette said...

I hope they find the source of all the pain Maureen, sounds awful! whenever I read your posts, it really feels like a message to all of us metalsmiths to not take our bodies for granted. Some days when I want to get to the gym and workout I feel guilty for not being in the studio but when I get that feeling I know I should do yoga to get my spine and body back in order.
good luck!


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