Monday, January 16, 2012

New Metalsmiths Unite Tees!

after thinking about it for a very long time I finally sat down tonight to create a Tee shirt design for my group "Metalsmiths Unite".

(if you don't know what Metalsmiths Unite is...the abbreviated version is that it is a metalsmithing community that I founded in 2008 on facebook. It's become a really interesting and dynamic community- one that merits cool tee shirts!)

Here is the link to the listing:

I've got the design up on my new Shop I've opened on called "Metalsmithstees". I will be posting more designs soon! (including one with the original Metalsmiths Unite Bench Pin avatar!

ciao- M

1 comment:

Lisette said...

Love the design, think I may have to get one.


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