Saturday, December 31, 2011

DIY custom size your nose ring hoop

Custom Sizing your hoop-

want a slightly smaller nose ring hoop? there's no need to exchange/buy another one if you are ok with having me lead you through how to size it down yourself.....

Supplies Needed:
Nail clippers
Nail file

1)trim a small (1/8” or less at a time) piece off of the un-balled end of your nose ring (use nail clipper- it should be strong enough to cut this thinness of silver)

2)once you have the perfect size use your nail file to sand the clipped end smooth

3) slip onto pencil point and bend your hoop closed again ( this will keep your round shape for you)

That should do the trick- I also have a little video on how to properly open and insert your nose ring - it's on YouTube at;

If you want a new sterling Nose ring hoop, I do have them always in stock in 22g and 20 g thicknesses- please visit my Etsy shop at: to see what's in stock!

and if you want to keep up with my newest designs: 
Cosmo’s Moon Jewelry on Facebook:

Ciao- Maureen

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