Monday, June 13, 2011

The Trail Ride bracelet

A unique and artistic Horse and Nature Bracelet. Inspired by the many hours of trails I rode on when I was  kid. And dedicated to the great trail horses in the world who give us their best with generosity that literally shaped civilization. Think about it- where would we be without the assistance and devotion of horses?
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They certainly brought me on a journey in more ways than one! yes, I learned responsibility,  devotion, a good work ethic, humility, and gave me a profound love of the natural world. (and while I'm at it, to be truthful, they also did a number on my vertebrae...which I am dealing with currently- actually, I only blame one bratty pony for my current tender neck...his name was Sprite- and he used to throw me after every jump by yanking his head down for grass....little brat!)
me, on pony- NO HELMET! (it was the early 70's) and my sister Amanda. My first riding lesson :-) 

Anyhow- I do love my equine friends- and I miss the ritual of the end of the day, going out to the barn while my horse munched on hay- and just listening to the munch munch munch of contented horse teeth.

please give your ponies a smooch on their velvet nose for me!- <3 M

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