Wednesday, June 1, 2011

post SNAG hangover

Last week I attended the SNAG conference in Seattle Washington with about 900 other metalsmiths. It was one of the largest conferences ever- and incredible to see that quantity of talent in one (big) room together.
I considered Blogging during the conference but decided that it would be better to simply direct you to some friend's blogs, who were diligently working on blogging the conference. so...
here are a couple of links....

 fromWinona Johnson-
The semi- official Flickr group-
The Crafthaus blogs from Jillian Moore and Katja Toporski found here- (on Crafthaus)

I will hopefully be rested and ready to re-start myself in a few the mean time, I'm hanging out with my kiddo and relaxercizing in the Arizona heat.
ciao- Maureen BZ


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