Monday, May 23, 2011

Pewter Workshop

Yesterday I taught an intro to Pewter workshop for a lovely group of people up here in Seattle Washington. (I was introduced to them by a client that has become a friend- who is now hosting me at their gorgeous home on Camano island- just north of Seattle)
Me and the Northwest Creative Spirits guild
I really enjoy teaching- especially when I can delve into more detail with a subject. We spent the entire day on Pewter- and we could have gone for another few days easily- The entire group got a taste of working with pewter, and left the class excited to go try some stuff on their own. 
demonstrating simple pewter casting

I'm hoping to bring pewter to more curious metalsmiths in the future!
Do you have a class that is curious about working with pewter? I'd be happy to schedule a workshop!
ciao- Maureen BZ aka "your Pewter tutor" :-)


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