Wednesday, March 2, 2011

next phase, workshopping it out!

Every independent artisan has  to find a balance of studio /teaching/office/family. Since I has Cosmo, I've been spending time here in Tucson, mostly working in my studio/office, and concentrating on my mom duties the rest of the time. I haven't had much opportunity to really shop out my teaching skills, until now, as Cosmo is growing up and becoming more independent... I am announcing my next phase- "work shopping it out"!(WSIO) 
me in my studio 
Would you or your metals organization like to have me come and teach a workshop? I've been teaching on and off for the past 15 years, (in Italy and the United States) and love to demo/ answer questions/lead you though investigations. Many of my students continue with their metalsmithing to this day- and a few of them have had a good deal of success, getting teaching gigs themselves, and one even recently got accepted to the ACC show in Baltimore!
I want to teach short workshops on different metals techniques (I have a huge list of techniques that I'm qualified to teach- got a technique you are interested in? ask me, I most likely have taught it) and I'm also interested in teaching design challenges, or teaching about social media and online marketing.
I am currently on the books to teach a fun mixed metals workshop at "the Ranch" near Seattle in May- (just before the SNAG conference) I'm also looking into the possibility of doing a pewter workshop in the area around the same time, or in July , when I plan on escaping Tucson's heat to go visit my sister in Hood River Oregon (and pick/eat cherries in her orchard)
SO, as I am currently getting my schedule booked for teaching workshops this summer through December.Anyone want me to come and teach? I have some spots open and would love to come mix up some metals with your group at your studio! You can contact me at and we can schedule a call to chat about your group's needs, and see if we can put something on the calender! 
off to the studio now- may the Flux be with you!ciao-M


nova by tess said...

I'd love to have work shops with you.

One day I might just have to come and crash your studio ha ha (just kidding!)

alexkeller said...

I'm withh nova by Tess. If you ever decide to have a girls night studio work shop here in Tucson, lemme know!

Maureen BZ said...

Alex- get a friend or two together and let's put a date on the calender- I can do pewter/ mixed metals/engraving/design...stone setting...whatever- let me know what you want to learn and I most likely can teach it:-)

Julie Sanford Designs said...

Hey Maureen!
Catching up on my cyber news and it's so funny, I have already been thinking about this! have you come teach a Pewter workshop in my studio. I have been working to build my student base and shopping new studio/storefront space. It will get there, maybe next Spring..?


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