Thursday, March 17, 2011

BZ BZ busy

I've had a few topics lately I wanted to blog about- The Japan disaster, the rising cost of metals, the digital submission process...among others...
so, I'm jotting this down now- that way , once I'm finished doing all of this extra work in my studio I'll actually get some time to sit down and really write.
It's all a balancing act these days...I'm getting work ready for a show in April (Seedboat gallery in Silver City NM- opening April 1st) an open studio (mid April) Tucson fashion week (end of April) and the SNAG conference in Seattle (end of May). Plus, I've picked up an unexpected teaching gig, and I'm working for a local Opal dealer by making bezels.
New castings March 2011
OH, and yesterday I got my new castings back from the casting house (not like I have any time to finish them....)
I've always thought my initials sounded like "am busy" MBZ....
I think there's a conspiracy here! LOL

OK- I'm off to make some money for travel this summer-

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Spookshow Folk said...

Looks cool :) I still have my eye on one!


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