Monday, February 14, 2011

Request for advice re: plating

I'm thinking about buying a set up for plating/electroforming. Metals prices are just not helping me these days, and I found that my bronze pieces simply don't sell as well as my silver- BUT my silver is getting more expensive, and I'm seeing a drop in sales. :-(
so I thought I'd try plating my bronze pieces silver, and my silver pieces with gold.

I was thinking about getting a plating set up- one that also can do electro-forming and was looking at the one offered by Rio-
I wanted to know if any of you have this set up, and if you like using it-
also , does it work as a plating set up as well? How about anodizing niobium? I have a bunch of Niobium from a past workshop that I'd love to use...
thanks in advance for your advice-
ciao - Maureen

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