Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NPR and PBS funding emergency (again)

Congress is currently voting on possible cuts to National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcast System (PBS)- I think it would be catastrophic for our culture of information and for the future of how we receive our news and entertainment if such vital programming had their funding cut.
what kind of road are we on?
Yes, I donate regularly to every funding drive (and I endure the fund drive interruptions of programming) Because I believe strongly in the intelligent programs that these services provide.
I'm really concerned- so I fashioned this email to my representative......


To the representative of my district (for me it is Raul Grijalva)
I know you are a supporter of education and funding for the arts- which is one of the reasons I have voted for you- that being said-

I'm really concerned about the proposed cuts to PBS and NPR- I believe that they are incredibly valuable tools for our country. PBS and NPR are the cornerstone of news and information for all of my family- from my 8 year old son, who teaches me new things every day that he has learned on PBS kids- to my Astro-Physicist husband - who loves to geek out to the science programs- and for myself, an artist, who enjoys a variety of subjects from all the programming PBS provides.

AND NPR has become my staple radio station in the car and in my studio- I have practically eliminated the need for commercial news programming due to NPR's fine and consistent reporting.
Plus, the enrichment from all of the shows from Science Friday to Radio Lab and Studio360- they provide a balance in our increasingly mindless world of "information" provided by Fox news and the like.

We cannot let the bullies on the right destroy our media culture by cutting funding to our essential balanced programs. I really feel that it has become a war on progressive thought, where right wing hysteria and propaganda has become the manna for the huddled masses to consume.

I for one want nothing to do with the meek flock of zombies that are frightened by their own shadows- grasping frantically to their fear and greed- while stomping on the heads of rational minded citizens. 

In that- I want to encourage you to fight to keep the already meager funding for PBS and NPR. I know that you are in that corner already- but I wanted to let you know you have my support- as well as the support of many of my friends. 

Thank you- keep up the great work- (signed__________)
a bit wordy, perhaps- but that's the way I roll-
and you know I had to mention zombies. it's

to find info about these cuts and contact info on your representatives check out
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