Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BAM! My "Box a Month" project

"Celebrated Anxiety" 2010 multi-chambered handmade pewter box by Maureen BZ

last year I endeavored to make a ring a day- it was challenging, to say the least- and I ended up dropping in and out of the practice- I ended up with a total of 150 rings that I created for the project- some very sketchy and fun- some elaborate and some just downright ugly. I got a lot out of doing the project- it was good to stretch and open some new channels of my creativity, so I'm glad I did it....but....

But, I'm over it- just not doing the ring thing this year- yes, I'll be making them for my online shop ( http://cosmosmoon.etsy.com ) and I will be taking orders for custom rings as well- but I've decided that I really don't want to continue with obsessively creating rings- (yes, there is a group for Ring a Week this year- making incredible pieces, which I love to see, but I'm not joining in)

This year, however I AM going to be taking on a personal challenge to make a "Box a Month" (BAM!). The one thing I never have time for it seems is my larger pewter work, so having this monthly challenge will be a great way for me to work bigger and think in more sculptural terms.

Having said this- I must admit, it's already February and I haven't finished January's box...but I'm giving myself an out on this because I needed to set up my pewter studio again (and my new band saw)
I Do have a piece about 80% finished, so stay tuned - I'll be posting pics of it later this week

OK- I've thrown my hat into the ring (officially) so.....*yawn* I'm off to sleep now
ciao ciao!- Maureen

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Calla Gold said...

Maureen, having seen a box you recently did in the flesh, I'm thrilled with BAM. And so will the happy collectors of your creations be.
I love that you come up with these personal challenges. Keep up your awesomely creative output!
Calla Gold
Your Santa Barbara Admirer


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