Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Tucson Arizona-
It's a beautiful day here today- blue skies and sunshine- and a peaceful sensation of hope and healing.
Last night, I walked to University Medical Center- less than a mile from my home- to visit the memorial shrine and to pray with my fellow Tucsonans for the healing of the victims and their families.

The president arrives in Tucson in about an hour - to attend a memorial service for the victims and to offer words and leadership to begin the path to healing and recovery. I pray that his words are heard by Gabrielle, and that they give her strength in her road to recovery.


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Dfh said...

Just as words can harm, so too can they can soothe and even heal.

We need to encourage our leaders to rethink the level of support given to mental health research and intervention.

And we also need to encourage them to reconsider their position on the availability and use of assault weapons.

Finally, we need to encourage each other and those that purport to bring us the "news" and "views" to do so with heightened awareness of the impact of words on the intended recipients.


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