Thursday, November 11, 2010

OK, I love my dog

here's my sweet
little Pit mix rescue dog, Daisy- 
she's healthier and much more vocal than
6 months ago when she came into our lives, sick with Valley Fever , covered with Ticks
and with a cut on her pink eyelid that was making her miserable.
She's on her Meds, recovered from Tick fever fighting Valley fever
 gained  weight and is eating willingly,
sleeping in luxury (yes, on my bed) and sports a pink argyle sweater in
the mornings when the desert air is a tad chilly.
couldn't imagine life without her
am grateful.


Courtney said...

Rescues are the only way to go. She is adorable.

susu said...

She is adorable!!
I love dogs and though Eddie don't like dogs to sleep in bed, our Natte sleeps next to me.Maybe Mr Bean, our other dog, will stay on the floor, when he grows.
But they are soooo cute, it is hard to say no. ;)


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