Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just as Promised...

the Tucson mountains, from the foothills of the Catalinas- Tucson AZ 2010

ahhhhhh! I'm just home from a lovely thanksgiving dinner I had with friends-
yes, I ate too much- it was great to be with friends who I think of as family and just share
a wonderful meal. I'm hoping next year that my whole family can be together- but this year Guido had his turkey dinner at the telescope with the scope director (whose wife brought up a Thanksgiving feast!)and a bunch of Italian astro geeks. We missed having him here, but are glad that he got a bit of holiday time while up stargazing and telescope tweaking.

as I promised on twitter last night, I'm announcing here my coupon code to be used for a 15% discount
this Black Friday through Cyber Monday ( from 9:00pm Nov 25- Nov 29 11:00 pm mountain time)
in my etsy shop "Cosmo's Moon"-

here it is: holidays2010
how it works:
during checkout you will have a section asking for a coupon code- just type this in and etsy will recalculate your order total to reflect the discount. This is a new feature on Etsy- and I am thankful that I can now finally set up a promotion this way! (I imagine you like it too!)

So- have fun this weekend- if you are coveting something from my shop make sure you send a link to my blog to your friends/family- I'm sure they'd love to know about this special offer as well

ciao for now- Maureen

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