Friday, November 26, 2010

Floral confection

Why I love this piece:
I consider this piece to be pivotal in connecting my craftsmanship and solid jewelry skills with my more eccentric painting and sculpture fine arts background.
This is the work that I have been creating for over 25 years.
This piece represents the culmination of a design journey starting with cardboard and Styrofoam  sculptural paintings that I made during my art school years- to my current jewelry lines and aesthetic. (integrating both my whimsical one of a kind work with my production line and paintings)
that's a bunch of words that just mean I think this is a really cool piece.
I just listed it in my shop tonight- you can find it at:

ciao!- M

1 comment:

Maureen BZ said...

sold! someone's getting a really nice present!


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