Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first last and in between

An image from yesterday and today-
the gigantic copper bangle (lower left) is the first piece of jewelry I made in Art school (1985) and a recent ring of the day is just to the right of the bangle...with various rings of the day in the background and reflections of my and my son's paintings in the glass.

My display case is full of ring of the day rings- unfortunately I'm losing steam on the project lately- mostly because I am currently a single mother- with my husband in Italy , taking care of his mother.

I've decided to make a ring when I have the time- and not sweat it if I can't get to it- I have one more ring to go to make it to 150, and I think I'll be stopping there.

Much respect for those few fabulous metalsmiths who have found a time warp and have been able to keep their ring a day practice going- rain or shine!
ciao for now- M

1 comment:

nancycreations said...

I think your jewelry is fantastic wow a ring a day wish I could go there with that thought frame but know that's not going to happen. i also am proud of anyone who can be so disciplined. Isn't fun seeing your jewelry from the time you began and now? When I look at mine I think lots of love, tears ,joy and frustation in those little treasures of my life.


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