Friday, November 26, 2010

Floral confection

Why I love this piece:
I consider this piece to be pivotal in connecting my craftsmanship and solid jewelry skills with my more eccentric painting and sculpture fine arts background.
This is the work that I have been creating for over 25 years.
This piece represents the culmination of a design journey starting with cardboard and Styrofoam  sculptural paintings that I made during my art school years- to my current jewelry lines and aesthetic. (integrating both my whimsical one of a kind work with my production line and paintings)
that's a bunch of words that just mean I think this is a really cool piece.
I just listed it in my shop tonight- you can find it at:

ciao!- M

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just as Promised...

the Tucson mountains, from the foothills of the Catalinas- Tucson AZ 2010

ahhhhhh! I'm just home from a lovely thanksgiving dinner I had with friends-
yes, I ate too much- it was great to be with friends who I think of as family and just share
a wonderful meal. I'm hoping next year that my whole family can be together- but this year Guido had his turkey dinner at the telescope with the scope director (whose wife brought up a Thanksgiving feast!)and a bunch of Italian astro geeks. We missed having him here, but are glad that he got a bit of holiday time while up stargazing and telescope tweaking.

as I promised on twitter last night, I'm announcing here my coupon code to be used for a 15% discount
this Black Friday through Cyber Monday ( from 9:00pm Nov 25- Nov 29 11:00 pm mountain time)
in my etsy shop "Cosmo's Moon"-

here it is: holidays2010
how it works:
during checkout you will have a section asking for a coupon code- just type this in and etsy will recalculate your order total to reflect the discount. This is a new feature on Etsy- and I am thankful that I can now finally set up a promotion this way! (I imagine you like it too!)

So- have fun this weekend- if you are coveting something from my shop make sure you send a link to my blog to your friends/family- I'm sure they'd love to know about this special offer as well

ciao for now- Maureen

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


for being a friend- for the times you stopped what you were doing in order to help-
for knowing when to listen- for your sense of humor- for letting me have a bite of your cookie-
for knowing not to call before 9am- for the push I needed- for opening new worlds- for accepting my imperfections- for teaching me how to cook a turkey.....
for all this and more- I thank you, husband, son,  friend, sister, nieces, aunties, mom, dad
Have a wonderful thanksgiving
gobble gobble!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

OK, I love my dog

here's my sweet
little Pit mix rescue dog, Daisy- 
she's healthier and much more vocal than
6 months ago when she came into our lives, sick with Valley Fever , covered with Ticks
and with a cut on her pink eyelid that was making her miserable.
She's on her Meds, recovered from Tick fever fighting Valley fever
 gained  weight and is eating willingly,
sleeping in luxury (yes, on my bed) and sports a pink argyle sweater in
the mornings when the desert air is a tad chilly.
couldn't imagine life without her
am grateful.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall 2010 Open Studio Tour

I am having open studio this weekend- if you have been contemplating a piece in my shop you may want to act on it before Saturday...many pieces find new homes during Open Studios....don't want you to miss out!

( By the way, if you are looking for my listing in the TPAC website- it can be tricky..
my listing in the artist's list is under "M"- they alphabetized it according to the artist's first name for some reason....not sure exactly why.......)

I hope to see you there!
ciao- Maureen

a map to my workshop is HERE on Google maps,
My studio will be open from 11am-5pm 
both Saturday Nov 13 and Sunday Nov 14th. 

Special Offer!:
mention this blog post and get 10% off any item during Open Studio Weekend 
(online and in person)
(discount will be shown as a refund on paypal if you are purchasing on line. Mention this Blog post while ordering to receive your discount)

thanks- ciao- M

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first last and in between

An image from yesterday and today-
the gigantic copper bangle (lower left) is the first piece of jewelry I made in Art school (1985) and a recent ring of the day is just to the right of the bangle...with various rings of the day in the background and reflections of my and my son's paintings in the glass.

My display case is full of ring of the day rings- unfortunately I'm losing steam on the project lately- mostly because I am currently a single mother- with my husband in Italy , taking care of his mother.

I've decided to make a ring when I have the time- and not sweat it if I can't get to it- I have one more ring to go to make it to 150, and I think I'll be stopping there.

Much respect for those few fabulous metalsmiths who have found a time warp and have been able to keep their ring a day practice going- rain or shine!
ciao for now- M


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