Thursday, August 19, 2010

Web site newly Launched!

One of my projects right now is to create a website for myself and my jewelry that is independent of Etsy. Don't get me wrong- I love Etsy, I simply want to have a gallery page, where I'm not only selling my work but also showcasing my designs.

I'm approaching this as if it was a piece of art- keeping my pages pretty fluid,
adjusting and honing the site as an evolving entity. Translation: This new site is a work in progress-
I'll be adding to it as time goes on- and when I publish new pages I'll be posting it here.
Here's the new site: Http:// right now it's very visual- many images, not much info, which is how I like my sites:-)
Let me know what you think!
thanks- Ciao- Maureen

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