Wednesday, August 11, 2010

revving back up- ring a day

well, school's almost back here...Cosmo starts 3rd grade on Monday.
Which means that I will be returning to my full time studio practice!
and with that...Ring a Day (once more into the brink of madness!)

I figured I'd give a warning- and mark a starting point once more.
I am committed to further my explorations, and hoping that my long absence
won't be looked upon poorly. I simply had to make a choice
to go on hiatus during the summer, so I
could spend more time with my growing-like-a-weed kid!

so, to all of you who told me your ring size...back in the spring when I posted
"Ring a day, for you" on alert! I'm going to tackle that list first!
:-)you have been warned!
ciao- M

1 comment:

Thomasin Durgin said...

YAY!!! So glad to have you back!!! I just love your fun rings.(and what's this about posting sizes, huh?)


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