Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nancy Lee's ring

So... back a few months ago I posted on my Facebook status that I would do a bunch of my "ring a day" ringsInspired by my friends- I asked those interested to post their ring size- and I would try to make a ring using the things I thought I knew bout them as inspiration.

and then, School Vacation happened. LOL, not that there was anything wrong with that... But, it did mean that I would be taking time off from my studio to hang out with my kid and hubby. So I did.
NOW, I am re-entering the studio, brushing off the list of names, and peppering my ring a day stream of conciousness with a few "inspired by you" rings.

Ring #1 in the series is inspired by Nancy Lee. I only know her over the internet, and what I know is that she is a metalsmith, has a great smile and sense of humor, and recently opened a studio space in Indiana called "Flame Art Studio". I've been hanging on to this flame lego piece all summer long- when I saw it I knew it was perfect for her ring!

1 comment:

fionachapman said...

Our huge lego box has the same piece in it. I have been looking at it recently, thinking it would look good in some jewellery. You've done a great job with it, lovely.


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