Monday, August 23, 2010

Elise and sharkey's day

I cracked one of my teeth last week, went to the dentist this morning. It's been filled, and now I'm hoping it's not just a temporary fix.

so I had to have a dental theme today for my "ring a day" ring.....

After the dentist I was in my studio listening to All songs Considered....and they started playing William Burrows and Laurie Anderson's collaboration of "Sharkey's day"

Now, I hadn't heard that song since High school- when my music geek friend Elise introduced me to Laurie Anderson's Music.
"it's Sharkey's's Sharkey's day today..."

I had these shark teeth hanging around from the last gem show...and a spool of old cloisonne wire. they seemed perfect materials for a ring.

So, you a roundabout kind of cosmic way it is Sharkey's day today. So why not commemorate it with a ring? :-)
**Dedicated to Elise MacDonald**

1 comment:

bonsai said...

You are entirely sublime. But then, I think you mostly always knew that. <3


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