Tuesday, June 15, 2010

talk about

Today's "talk about" blog for the "Handmade Division" team -Do you consider yourself only a XXX artist, or do you work in multi media application, and/or draw techniques from other fields to use in the on you're working in? 

Funny you should ask that-  I do consider myself to be primarily a metalsmith, I am certainly most comfortable working in metal, Have the most formal training in metal...However, I recognize that I am transforming into a multi media artist. And I think that my internet involvement has something to do with this transformation.
I'm now back to my roots as a Photographer on Flickr- dabbling with Video on youtube, playing with mud in a Pottery class making things in Leather to appeal to my equestrian roots, and getting my urban edge on with graffiti/spraypaint and industrial rubber flooring.... 
I play with whatever my muse tells me- I follow my bliss and allow myself to make things that are just ridiculous nonsense that fulfills my  experimental urges.
So Now I guess you could call me a tinkerer

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Jan said...

Loved the concise and humorous presentation of your broad range of interests, Maureen! So glad you posted! :)


jewelrybynatsuko said...

hehe "tinkerer" I love it! I enjoy your post ver much:)

susarto said...

tinkerer. *giggle*
great post!
i'll have to snoop around and see more of what you do!


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