Wednesday, May 19, 2010

List of the day

Sometimes I just like to list is a bit like composing poetry
Here's a list that I made today

Maureen has.....
A) lived in many place

B) a lot of incredibly talented and cool friends

C) a love of making things

D) a tendency to multitask

E) a passion for creative music

F) an interesting family

G) an odd sense of humor

H) a few etsy shops

I) this metalsmithing group called "Metalsmiths Unite"

J) a new puppy

K) an American accent when speaking Italian

L) an old grouchy cat

M) Blue toenail polish

N) a few pounds to lose

O) a tendency to list things

P) an addiction to Project Runway and Top Chef

Q) artichokes in her garden

R) an ounce of fine silver on her at all times

S) a wildflower garden every spring

T) about 5 cups of tea each day

U) an Italian Astro-physicist as a husband

V) a fondness for magenta, orange and green

W) Friends that will read this entire list

X) dust bunnies

Y) not enough bookshelves

Z) little ears


Elise said...

Ears which are little, but big for listening. "Big ears" is one of the best compliments one can give a musician or music lover ...

Kathleen Faulkner said...

Well, I've read all your list and I think your ears are just right: not too large and not too small! Perfect for modeling earrings.. but I especially appreciate that you always have the fine silver on hand! :-D


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