Monday, April 12, 2010

Bundled Treasures

This "caviar spoon" necklace is part of my new series "Bundled Treasures". In this series of work I am bringing forth my little found object treasures that I have found over the past 8 years.

Wait- are you thinking "why does this Tucson artist have sea shell jewelry??" well, I've tried to explain it in this simple back story......

I am from a New England family- (we also lived in Ohio and Delaware for a while)- For me, summertime was beach time- The same is true for my husband, who spent summers as a little boy in the south of France.( nice, huh? yup, I'm jealous too) 

Even though we live in Arizona now, we try to get to the beach once a year- Because the beach is removed from us by a long stretch of desert I believe we have become even more fond of the sound of lapping waves on the shore...and so I commemorate it, by using my found shells and glass that I've collected over our years of vacations.

I've always loved seashell fragments- and  find myself constantly picking them up when I'm at the beach- with the intention of making jewelry with them when I got home- I've been doing this since I was a little girl- collecting shells- I think it's a common thing that many people do when at the ocean-we want to have a treasure from the ocean to bring back with us and remind us of that fantastic day of sun and surf.

(The only thing is that most of us just put the shells in a bowl and forget them- leaving them to collect dust...)

I also have bowls of bugs, of rocks, of pieces of wood, plastic and metal street junk....all sorts of little things that I have treasured as interesting pieces of my world that I feel the need to protect and appreciate. My latest mission is to set these treasures free to roam the world as parts of beautiful one of a kind jewelry! As you wear a bundles treasure you become officially entrusted as a chaperon for these delightful snippets of beauty-
bon voyage!- MBZ

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