Saturday, January 30, 2010

who the heck is Cosmo's Moon?

well- it's me-
Maureen BZ. I called my jewelry line "Cosmo's Moon" for a number of reasons...
1- my son's name is Cosmo
2- my hubby works in astronomy
3- it's a line from the movie "Moonstruck" (a good flick- not my fave or anything, but funny and accessible)
oh, and the most important reason....
because it was a hell of alot easier to remember than "Brusa Zappellini Designs"

what kind of work do I do?
handmade, bold, rustic, colorful and edgy metalsmithed jewelry and pewter vessels

in reference to:

- Twitter / @cosmos_moon (view on Google Sidewiki)

1 comment:

Leah said...

But Brusa Zappellini designs has a really classy ring to Bruno Magli!

I am a fan (from Singapore) of your beautiful works. I have started saving to get my hands on one of your bracelets after discovering you on Etsy!


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