Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog Carnival- Ring a Day

My favorite ring from the ring a day project is the ring that has yet to be made.
It is the ring of possibility. The one that exists in the moment of creation- 
I love this ring because it is ever changing- it holds many forms and ideas, and is executed
in a multitude of techniques and designs by talented artists in a variety of studios.

The ring that has yet to be made is one of possibility and promise: it can make you laugh, can hold a beautiful stone, a rock, a piece of plastic, or simply an idea. 

There is no overlying concept inherent in the ring of possibility, but it is a concept in itself.

It can be utilitarian, can spice up your life, can make you slices, it dices, it makes a great gift. it is a giant question mark, an exclamation point, asterisk, and comma.  There are an infinite amount of them, and there are none at all. 

The ring that has yet to be made hugs the future- it is in the hands of those who risk to create it.
it is beautiful, because it is possible. And I can't wait to get to my studio to see it today!

here are a few of my rings (posted on my Flickr photostream) from the past week... I encourage you to go and see the incredible variety and possibilities that are being created every day by this inspiring group of artists- 
here's the link to the official ring a day group - ring a day flickr group (constantly developing)

this is a blog carnival post- that means that several other artists are taking up this same subject (favorite ring) and blogging about their response- it's a great way to be introduced to the ring a day project and the artists who are participating- 
below you will find a list of the other etsymetals artist blogs in today's blog carnival

Thank you to Nina Dinoff for creating this project and to all of the other artists in this group who inspire me every day!
ciao- Maureen BZ
(aka "Cosmo's Moon" and "Mbzap")


Thomasin Durgin said...

The "ring of possibility", I love it!

Victoria Takahashi said...

maureen, i have been watching and admiring your work more and more and when I saw you beating that pewter w that "rock" i think i fell in love :)
you are another one of my heros now :D

Maureen BZ said...

aww, Miss V and Miss T you are mine...the admiration is mutual for sure!


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